Chapter 10 - Filling Them In.

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Miracle/Mari's POV

"So this is the Bat-Cave" Viperion stared in awe as a girl in a wheel chair saw us and panicked. We heard her alerting the Bats then she came up to us with a gun in her hand

"Who are you? How did you get here? Do you know the Bats' identities? How did you get here?" she rambled on with her gun pointed to our faces. I don't think she had seen me yet.

"Whoa calm down, we aren't enemies. We're also waiting for the bats. I promise we aren't a threat" Viperion told her and she calmed down, but she was still a bit skeptical

"I believe they are telling the truth Oracle" we heard a man speak. He had a British accent and was looking old but not that old that he couldn't beat your ass. He also wore a mask on his face like the girl

"We cant be sure Agent A" she told him

"I assure you we are not a threat. Well don't get us angry and we won't be a threat" Ryuko told her. I still hid in the shadows using Plagg's dark and destruction aura to let me blend in

"Okay?" she said unsure

Just then the Bats drove in and got out of their vehicles and walked up to my team

"So you guys are actually here? Wow! Wait where is Miracle?" Red-Hood asked. I had moved through the shadows and was behind him. I slowly revealed myself and tapped his shoulder


He jumped 30 feet in the air letting out the most girlish scream I've ever heard. My team and I burst into laughter

"Hey that's not funny!" he protested, now behind Night-Wing and Robin and we laughed harder. We slowly stopped laughing

"Okay we're ready to answer you, one at a time"

"First of all who are you people and how did you get your powers? Are you meta?" Batman asked

"As Ryuko has said before, we're miraculous holders. Not meta or whatever" I opened my palm and an image came out like a TV

"About four-five years ago, a villain struck Paris for the first time. His name was Hawk-Moth and he used negative emotions to possess people with evil butterflies called akumas" I said and an image of Hawk-Moth with an akuma appeared

"He had the miraculous of the butterfly, which he corrupted *image shows butterfly brooch* to create akumas. Miraculous are jewelry that grants a specific power with the aid of special Gods called kwamis. Like the miraculous of the Ladybug.

Ladybug was Paris' heroine and she wielded the ladybug earrings which gave her the power of creation and good-luck with the help of the ladybug kwami, Tikki *image shows ladybug, earrings and Tikki*

She had a partner, Chat Noir. He wielded the cat ring which was the miraculous of the black cat and granted him the power of destruction and misfortune/bad-luck with the help of the black cat kwami, Plagg *image shows Chat Noir, ring and Plagg*

These two are the strongest and when combined, can grant the user ultimate power and a wish that can change reality. Hawk-Moth needed this wish, but Ladybug and Cat Noir couldn't let him have it, as the balance in the universe could not be broken. You see with every action, comes a reaction. If he were to wish to bring a dead person back to life, then someone's life would be taken in return.

He sent out akumas to capture the miraculi each day but failed. Paris would be a deserted wasteland if not for Ladybug's power to reverse everything back to normal after each battle.

After a huge akuma incident, he got a partner, Mayura. She had the miraculous of the Peacock which also became corrupted in its damaged state. With her amok, a corrupted feather, she could possess an object belonging to a person with negative emotions only this time a senti-monster would appear.

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