Chapter 5 - Redemption and Preparations

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"It was so hilarious!" Mari laughed with Chloe. Luka chuckled, quietly playing his guitar while Kagami smiled.

"Is this seat taken?" Alix quietly asked and they all turned to her

"I understand if you don't want me to stay but I came to apologize. I'm really sorry about what I've done to all four of you, especially you Mari. I haven't been a good friend, and it was wrong and stupid of me to believe Lila over you. I've been a bully and I'm sorry again" she apologized, not meeting their eyes as her head was low and she slowly walked away

The four nodded to each other with smiles, happy that someone had finally seen the truth. "Alix wait" Mari called to the girl who slowly turned back

"I forgive you, we all do. And you weren't a bully, Lila's the one to blame here. I know what you did was hurtful and I can't trust you immediately but we forgive you now that you've seen the truth. Come sit with us"

Alix was dumbfounded

She was halfway expecting Mari to yell at her and not forgive her, maybe even a slap in between

Not for her to scoot a bit with a smile as she gestured for her to sit.

This girl is too good for this world. How could she have betrayed her trust?!

"Thank you. And I promise I'll try to earn your trust back, all of you" she promised them and they nodded. Mari saw that the girl didn't have any lunch with her and pushed her cookies towards her, telling her to eat, which she did with a smile.


"Now Alix, no offense but I'm very sure you couldn't have just woken up and seen the truth in your face, so how did you piece it together?" Chloe asked the girl

"Actually, it was because of you. When you drenched Lila and the bruises washed off, I noticed that all the injuries she claimed Mari gave her all disappear the next day. Her body doesn't have a single scar. And Jagged Stone's wife/assistant Penny Stone is allergic to cats and fur, so there's no way he could have owned one for Lila to save. The only pet he has ever had and still does is a crocodile. There are a lot more but I can't say them all" she explained

"Good to see that you have eyes to see the obvious, unlike the rest" Kagami told her

"At least you see the truth. Welcome to the team...

"... Bunnix" Mari smirked as Alix nearly chocked on a cookie

"*cough* W-What are you talking about?!" she sputtered out

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with us" Luka assured her and she slowly nodded

They continued their chat with Alix, Luka playing softly and quietly in the background.

Until a certain group of people stomped over to their table.

"Alix, what are you doing here? And why are you hanging out with these bullies?" Lila asked her in a sickly-sweet tone which made them frown in disgust

"Excuse me but they aren't bullies, and I'm hanging out with them because they're my friends. I can't be friends with a liar like yourself" Alix told her off and she burst into tears on Kim's shoulder

"How can you be friends with a bully? I thought we were your friends?" Kim asked her

"You guys aren't my friends anymore, and I'll only be friends with you again the day you are able to see the truth and apologize to Mari and her real friends. Now leave us alone" she yelled at them as Lila cried more

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