Chapter 11 - Watching Trauma and Destroying Pits

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After Paris' heroes left, Batman asked Red Robin to look up the battles.

"It's not on the news, the Mayor probably blocked it so that Tourism doesn't get a decrease. I'll have to hack into it" he said, typing away speedily as the others left to change out of their suits.

About half an hour later, a cry of "I've found it!" was heard from the cave

"So I got this battle and some others. Here" Red Robin, now Tim tapped on the link which showed a video of a water-based akuma,


{Warning, GORE coming up, read at your own risk. If you can't handle then skip to this {-.-.-.-.-}}

"Alya Cesaire here w-with breaking news" her voice sounded shaky and she was standing on a roof, holding the phone with shaky hands

"Paris has just been hit with a-another akuma which goes by the name Siren. Ladybug, Cat Noir and Viperion are battling underwater with Ryuko and Queen Bee on the roofs. But will Paris survive this deadly akuma and be left as a flooded wasteland? Please stay safe and tuned for more, here on the LadyBlog" the video continued, showing Paris flooding with thousands of dead bodies floating and people running to safety, just like Alya was doing at that moment. She stopped again, showing a guy desperately yelling out to his sister who was drowning and watched as she died.

The Waynes were shocked to their roots

"It seems that Ladybug and Cat Noir have lured the akuma out of the water and are now having a battle on land. Oh no! Ladybug!" she suddenly yelled and they saw ladybug get hit with a huge wave of water as she was knocked into a building. She stumbled back to her feet and they saw her twisted arm but she still went back into the fight.

The akuma was tough, but they were still able to capture it and cleanse it. In battle Ladybug had a broken arm and some cracked ribs, Cat Noir had a broken leg, broken ribs and a sprained arm. Viperion and Ryuko had cuts on their bodies with sprains and small fractures, while Queen Bee was unconscious already due to loss of blood.

She casted her miracle cure and all the water disappeared with the dead coming back to life. The blood loss from the heroes were gone, but it was obvious they were still hurt and mentally scarred. Ryuko carried Queen Bee while Viperion supported Chat. They all left the scene with Ladybug and the video ended with the cries of Paris fading.


The entire Wayne family were speechless, even Alfred. Dick and Babs were already crying and Bruce found his voice again

"Play another one. I want to know if that was the only bloody battle" he told Tim who only nodded slowly

"I think that's just the beginning. I'm seeing another one even bloodier than this" he tapped on another link which showed Paris late in the evening


Everywhere was wrecked and destroyed, as bloody dead civilians littered the street. The camera was trained on Ladybug and her team, some already having a few cuts as they were focused on the senti-monster

A giant monster with claws and razor sharp teeth, staring with blood-red eyes as he roared and destroyed everywhere

They saw the akuma, a savage beast hell-bent on killing parental love


They saw two parents, Sabine and Tom, along with many other parents captured at the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug was full blown crying, along with her team as they continued to fight

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