Damon Forgets That His Enemies Always Have A Backup Plan

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"Everything ok?" Katherine asked as Klaus walked into Alaric's apartment in a mood as he closed the door.

His face became blank, stirred by her voice as his eyes landed on her. "What have you been doing?"

"Making coffee. You want some?" she answered nonchalantly.

Klaus sped over to her, grabbing the girl by her neck as she gasped. "Tell me what you've been doing," he compelled.

"Making coffee," Katherine struggled to reply.

Klaus tilted his head from side to side as he observed her more before dropping her to the ground, the girl gasping for air as her hand went to her neck, the bruises from his iron grip already fading away.

She turned away from Klaus as she panted, her breaths becoming quiet as he said, "Wait."

Katherine turned.

"Take off your bracelet," he ordered. Katherine grew worried as she pulled the daylight charm from her wrist and dropped it into Klaus's waiting hand. "Now, I want you to walk over to the window and stand in the sunlight," he smiled.

"But I'll burn," Katherine protested.

"You don't have a choice."

Katherine walked. Step after step she took until the shade ended and she was left standing in the light of the sun. Klaus couldn't keep the smile from his lips at the sound of her screams as she burned.

"That's enough," he said after a time and Katherine threw herself at the shaded wall as she healed, the blood that spat out of her burned skin staining the bricks.

"Hmmm. Guess I was wrong," Klaus said to himself.

"The great Niklaus Mikaelson, admitting he is wrong. Now that, is history," came a voice and the two turned to see a woman leaning against the doorframe. Clad in an outfit that Katherine was jealous of, along with a black leather handbag over her shoulder the word Guess patterned on it in gold. The woman smirked at Klaus who began to walk towards her.

Klaus smiled at her as she strode in and he wrapped his arms around her. "I've missed you, love," he breathed as he inhaled her scent.

"And I you," she said before she pulled away and she held his face in her hands, a rather large diamond ring sparkling on her hand.

"I take it by you standing here, one of your errands might have been -"

"Compelling the rather dull owner of this dump to invite me inside before forgetting that he ever met me, and then sending him off with your message," she finished.

And Klaus' smile was genuine as his blue eyes met her green ones. "You never look more ravishing when you're diabolical," he said, and her wine-painted lips turned upwards in a smile as her hands settled on his chest.

"I was told you had a present for me."

He turned, an arm reaching out and flourishing as he gestured at Katherine who still stood in her place in the corner. "I know how much you love Petrova doppelgangers," he said, and the woman glared at him before staring at Katherine in intrigue, handing off her bag to Klaus who set it aside.

Katherine's heartbeat skyrocketed as she stayed rooted in place, the woman who radiated danger and power approached her, analysing her every inch, her winged eyes piercing into Katherine's.

"I bet you're just as despicable and self-absorbed as the original doppelganger," she announced as she and Katherine stood toe to toe, Katherine's breath held in her throat. The woman then turned and smiled at Klaus. "Oh, Nik, you always get me the best presents," she sighed as she walked over to him, the man wrapping an arm around her waist again as he pulled her to him. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with her," she said as Klaus pushed the strands of her layered dark hair from her face.

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