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#9yearagegap  >>>That fits the sugar daddy/baby aesthetic better. If you don't like it, don't read it. If you comment about it, I'll block you :)

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It's 10 pm.

Louis is scrolling through a sugar baby app mindlessly.

Winter and Christmas were close and Louis just...

He's just so fucking lonely during those days.

These days it seems impossible for him to find a partner who is able to travel the world with him or not use him for money and Louis is so done with it.

So, if someone was gonna use him for money, he might as well look for a sugar baby.

They were known to be great companions and Louis knew that it wouldn't be going somewhere anyway.

There was a big difference between sugar babies and gold diggers.

Louis thought his profile was decent. Organized and not too detailed.



Gender: MaleName: Louis William Tomlinson Age: 28Sexuality: Bisexual

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Gender: Male
Name: Louis William Tomlinson
Age: 28
Sexuality: Bisexual

Job: Producer

• Honesty
• Singing
• Reading
• Travelling

• Avocados
• Fake people

I'm looking for:
Just someone nice who's willing to travel with me. Someone who I can have a good conversation with and who's funny.


Louis sighed and rolled his eyes. It'd been an hour since he made the account and so far, everyone seemed the same.

He started reconsidering his actions. Imagine if one of his coworkers saw this account. That would be mad embarrassing.

He was about to delete his account and close the app when a message popped up on top of his screen.


Babydarling liked your profile

• conversation with babydarling •

I've never seen someone look good in a turtleneck.

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