🌿Eyes are tired from the night🌿

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So, this is a story that's been written a bit too fast so you'll definitely see that in the way it's written but oh well...

If you'd like a second part to this story, let me know.

It's basically abo where Harry has to hide his dynamic from the boys but they find out.

The tittle is from lover, please stay by nothing but thieves.

#alpha!Louis #omega!Harry #harry is touch starved #shy Harry #nesting #sort of mentions about mpreg #hurt/comfort #because that's my kink I guess? #protective!Louis #the boys are a little mean #trigger warning for mentions of infertility #emotional abuse I think


''Harry, love, c'mon. You're up next.''

Harry blinked rapidly, trying to stay awake from his position on the sofa in their dressing room. He looked at Louise who was smiling at him warmly, the make-up brush held in her hand.

''Right, uhm... Sorry.'' He stood up, feeling his bones ache in his body. He bit his lip to hold back the whimpers that were threatening to spill. The boys were right there with him and he couldn't afford to let them find out.

He sat down in front of Louise, who cupped his face and frowned deeply. ''You're so pale that you're nearly transparent, love. Are you quite alright?''

Nope, I haven't slept in days and I feel so touch-starved that I nearly dropped when a strange, kind alpha wished me a good day.

''Just... tired I guess.'' Harry sighed.

He heard a snort coming from Niall. ''I would be too if I pulled an omega into my bed every night.''

It felt like a stab to Harry's heart but he couldn't let it show. Instead, Harry grinned. ''Why wouldn't I?''

Louis eyed him over his phone and shook his head. ''We get it, Styles. You're very charismatic and pretty and the omega's go crazy for you. Not all of us get to be that lucky.''

Harry wanted to reassure Louis that he was the pretty one and that he'd be on his knees for the older alpha within seconds but no alpha said that about his friend. Act alpha, Harry. Don't show them what you truly are.

''Don't worry, Lou. Your omega will get here soon rather than later. You're just as charismatic as Harry.'' Niall said.

Louis looked at Harry again, his intense gaze sliding over the boy's body and making him squirm. ''Yeah. Maybe.''

Harry looked back up at Louise, who gave him another warm smile as she brushed the make-up brush under his eyes. The woman's hands were magic, really. Because when she spun Harry around to look in the mirror, he looked perfectly fine.

A little tan even.

He was about to smile when his eyes fell on his band members who were laughing and giggling where the sofas were. They never had fun like that when Harry was around.

Harry looked down at the ground, his heart heavy in his chest.

Louise noticed and placed a hand on his shoulder. ''Maybe you can talk to them about it, Harry. It can't be good to be excluded from the pack. Not even for an alpha.''

''Thanks,'' Harry started. ''But it's fine. I'm fine.'' With that, he stood up and came up with some lame excuse that he had to use the bathroom, but no one really listening to him anyway.

Once safely locked in the bathroom, the younger boy slouched down against the door, pulling his knees up to his chest and placing his head on top of it. He tried to make himself as small as possible and wrapped his arms around himself.

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