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#daddyLouis #hurt/comfort #kidfic #mention of abuse #neighbour Harry #no smut so don't look for it #loads of fluff tho #kind of cheating (not between L and H) #this takes place during the pandemic #student harry #Louis is a teacher I think but I'm not sure. #loads of fluff #TRIGGER WARNING FOR A SELFHARM-ISH SCENE!!!! AND ABUSE!!!!

So, this fic takes place during corona time because the cases of domestic violence have increased during this pandemic. We only see people who suffer from Corona because they become ill but I feel like forget all the people who struggle with mental health, abuse, delayed operations. Always check on the people around you and think about yourself as well.

Also, there won't be much kissing in this story. Remember that Harry was in a bad realtioship so it'd be normal for things to not move too quickly.

Also, I know some of you don't like iy when author's do this but I imagined them like this when I wrote this.


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''Shit. Shit, shit, shit!'' Louis yelped, hopping around on one foot as he pulled a sock over the other.

He was already late for work and now his babysitter quit?

Why would she quit? The money was decent, Louis was kind and honestly, Isaac was the cutest baby ever. Seeing him smile should be payment enough.

He slipped into his vans, thinking of a way to solve his dilemma. Isaac was sitting in his crib, sucking on a rattle with a giraffe stuffie attached to it.

He looked at Louis with big, grey eyes. Louis stared back at his one-year-old son, the boy's mitten covered hands moving up in a silent question to hold him.

Louis smiled and lifted Isaac from his crib, propping the small boy up on his hip as he swung the boy's diaper bag over his shoulder.

Really, he only had one other option.

He walked out of his flat and rang his neighbour's doorbell, waiting patiently until one of his closest friends opened the door.

Devon did so only moments later.

''Louis! What's up.''

''Hey, Dev. Are you free today?''

Devon bit the inside of his cheek. ''I have to go to work around four. Why?''

''I have this very important meeting in 20 minutes and my babysitter bailed last minute. I need someone to look after Isaac.'' Louis groaned.

Devon frowned. ''Well, my boyfriend will be home all day. Maybe Harry can look after him?''

''Really?'' Louis sighed in relief. ''He'd really help me out if he could. Can I come in? I wanna ask him personally.''

''Oh, uhm... Sure.'' Devon said, hesitantly stepping aside to let Louis in.

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