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This story is for rufaidatasneem88
It's more than 11500 words long so you have something to read haha. Hope I lived up to your expectations, sweetheart!

Okay, so to understand this story, the alternative universe that's used for this story is basically a place where you're born a sub, a dom or versatile. You know which one of them you are when you turn sixteen and when you're eighteen you can start looking for an official partner.

#bottom!Harry #top!Louis #sub!Harry #dom!Louis #Hurt/comfort #louis can be a bit strict #Harry is a little shy and insecure.


How easy must life be if you have people obeying your every command? To have them kiss the ground you walk on and show you the utmost respect.

That's exactly what Harry Styles' life is like and to be completely honest, he despises it.

He hated the way his employees cower in fear when he's strutting through the office. He hated the way his friends never joke around with him because he's too uptight. But most of all;

He hates how uncomfortable it is to be dominating when all he really wants is to be dominated.

Yep, you heard it right.

Harry Styles with his tall posture, broad chest, stern face a deep voice is as submissive as they get.

However, no one can know. Not when the future of the company lies in his hands.

How could people ever take him serious as their CEO if he is a submissive? How will other doms obey his orders or use their status as a dominant to manipulate him?

No, hiding is the better option.

According to Harry's uncle, that is.

'Cut your hair, Harry. That's too feminine.'

'Speak louder, son. Your voice sounds too shy for a dominant.'

'Stand up straight, Harry. Don't cower behind me like that. A dominant is always confident and proud.'

Worst of all, because he had to pretend to be dominant all day and ignore the burning need to follow his dom's commands, Harry actually felt satisfied after obeying the toxic commands his uncle gave him.

Harry sighed and looked out of the window, watching the first rays of sunshine appear through the buildings around Styles industry.

He rubbed his upper arms and closed his eyes. Sometimes pretending that these small touches were actually from his dominant would help Harry through the day.

He was longing for some human contact. A hug, a kiss, a caress...

Harry rolled his chair back to his desk and pressed the intercom beside his phone. It was the easiest way to talk to his assistant directly.

"Mister Tomlinson, will you please come to my office?"


Louis Tomlinson was a tardy person.

Today was one of the days where he was running late for work, his shoelaces were untied and he was pretty sure his breath smelled like coffee.

Yes, he's a dominant. A damn strict one might I add but that didn't stop him from oversleeping, forgetting to buy milk or leaving his lunch on the counter.

He could really use the help of a sweet sub on busy days like these.

But, none of the subs he's been with ever fulfilled his wishes and expectations.

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