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Part two of the ABO one shot, I guess? I hope it's something sort of worth reading. Tittle is based on Tempt you by Nothing but thieves.

#alpha!Louis #omega!Harry #Harry is touch starved #shy Harry #sort of mentions of mpreg #hurt/comfort #undetailed smut #heats #protective!Louis #trigger warning for mentions of infertility #trigger warning for mentions of eating disorders/being underweight #emotional abuse I think

''No, sweetheart. I'm almost there, okay? I promise.'' Louis chuckled into the phone.

It had been a very long day. He had to do some recordings for their new album.

Their new management was amazing but they were located on the other side of London. Quite far away from Harry and his flat.

''Are you sure? I'm sorry for being so desperate. I just-''

''Darling...'' Louis sighed. ''I know, baby. I am literally opening the door to the house, so you'll be in my arms in like two seconds, alright?''

A few months ago, just before their last meeting with Modest management, Harry had an appointment with his doctor. He only confirmed what they already knew.

Harry was underweight, depressed and on top of that, he was severely touch-deprived. He got a psychologist to help him with the first two but Louis had to help with the last part.

Touch starvation was basically the most dangerous thing for an omega. Especially an omega this young.

Now Louis was a big help on the touch starvation part. But being as touch-starved as Harry was meant being paranoid, scared and desperate for any form of touch basically all the time.

Louis was also his alpha and that made Harry even more anxious.

But Louis was always there to comfort him. Not one phone call was left unanswered and Louis never denied him a cuddle. It didn't matter to Louis that the omega woke him up in the middle of the night, desperate to be touched.

Louis ran up the stairs to be with his boyfriend as soon as possible. The alpha was almost as desperate as Harry.

Louis opened the door to the bedroom and dropped his bag to the floor. When he spun around and looked up, Harry was already in front of him, jumping into his arms and wrapping his legs around his waist.

He pressed his nose to Louis' scent gland and breathed in shakily.

''I'm so crazy. I missed you so much. I'm so sorry.'' He whimpered, tightening his grip on Louis.

Louis frowned, pressing his nose against Harry's temple. ''Don't apologise, baby. I love you so much. I missed you too. Guess we're both crazy, huh?''

Harry nodded, clinging onto his alpha when Louis tried to push his face out of his neck.

''Hey? What's up? Is it a bad day?''

''Very bad. Feel so lonely. I know I'm not. I'm sorry.''

''Ssh... You have nothing to be sorry for. We have a remedy for bad days, though. Don't we? Shall I make it a special day?''

Harry smiled against Louis' jaw. ''Oh, will you? Please?''

Louis carried Harry to their bedroom and gently placed him down on the bed. Harry relaxed against the sheets and finally looked at Louis.

The corners of his eyes were touched red and his lips were bleeding a little from biting them so hard. All part of the anxiety experience Louis supposed.

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