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#shy!Harry #selective mutism #outgoing Louis #once again hurt comfort because for some reason that's all I write?? #librarian Harry #Harry is Louis' baby and he's very understanding #he's also a little shit #mentions of bullying

Louis runs around the corner and crashes into someone, going full speed.

A short gasp can be heard, accompanied by the sound of books hitting the floor.

Louis cusses and looks down, seeing a brown-haired boy dropping to his knees to frantically grab the books.

Louis frowns and quickly joins him, helping him collect his books. It was Louis' fault after all.

He gives the boy a once over, deciding that he looks quite pretty even if he doesn't show his face completely.

Louis also decides that based on the colourful cardigan that this boy is adorable.

Louis looks at the book in his hand, smiling gently. "I'll give you the sun. Good book, very good choice."

He gets no response so Louis frowns harder. "Sorry that I ran into you, love. I wasn't paying attention. Are you hurt?"

He gets a small blush but still no words.

Now Louis grows frustrated and agitated. Yes, it mustn't have been a nice feeling to have a body collide with your own but Louis apologised. The boy could show a little empathy.

"Sorry, did you hear me? I said I was sorry." Louis repeats gently.

The boy flinches and looks up. Louis is a bit taken aback by his pure beauty but even more so by the fact that the boy still. Doesn't. Talk.

Louis huffs and stands up when the boy does. "Look, mate. I get it, I was being an idiot for running around in a library like this but you're just being rude now. It was an accident and I said I was sorry. The least you can do is answer me when I ask you if you're okay."

And now the boy looks, well, he looks panicked. Like he might actually burst into tears if Louis talks again.

Before Louis can open his mouth to do so, the librarian is rushing towards them.

"Louis, darling!" She chirps, standing next to the relieved-looking boy and smiling at Louis. "This is Harry. He's new here and he uhm... he doesn't speak."

And shit.

Now Louis kind of feels like a dick for calling the boy, Harry, out like that.

"Oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh man, I'm sorry! You must think I'm a total asshole now." Louis winces and looks at Harry.

But the boy smiles and shakes his head.

Louis smiles back and offers his hand. "I'm Louis. It's nice to meet you, Harry. Do you like your job here so far?"

Harry nods and gratefully shakes Louis' hand.

The librarian smiles, knowing that Harry is in safe hands now that Louis knows.

''So, uhm... I'm gonna find my book. Uhm... You enjoy yours, yeah?''

Harry nodded again before waving shyly and scurrying away. Louis watched him disappear between the isles before turning to the exit himself.


''Damnit,'' Louis mutters as he stands on his tippy toes to grab a book from a high shelf. His fingertips graze the edge of the shelf, but he could not reach the damn book.

Just as he was about to give up, long fingers curl around the red book, pulling it away from the others. Startled, Louis turns around, eyes twinkling when Harry's happy face came into vision.

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