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Where Louis is Jack Frost and Harry falls in love with him. Sadly, Louis can't stay once winter is over. Will their love survive the summertime?

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Harry has always loved winter. Ever since he was a little boy, he was mesmerised by the little flakes falling from the sky and the warm atmosphere in their house.

His mother would wake him up whenever the first snow would cover the ground to take him for a walk or pull him along on the sled.

They would make snowmen or snow angels, have snowball fights and drink hot chocolate with whipped cream after that.

One time, when it was late and Harry was making a snowman on his own, he saw a boy with white hair floating through the air with snow falling from his staff.

Harry ran to his mother to tell her what he had seen. She laughed at him, tapping the red tip of his nose.

"Must've been Jack Frost, baby," She joked. "He even kissed your nose, see?"

"Who's Jack Frost?"

"Jack Frost is the spirit of winter, Harry. He makes the lakes freeze and covers the world in snow."

Harry was amazed by her story, trying his very best to meet Jack Frost whenever he had the chance so they could be friends.

Of course, he never showed. He was a myth after all.

Still, that didn't stop Harry from greeting the spirit whenever the first snowflakes of the year would fall.

Not even now, when he was nineteen.

He had woken up in the middle of the night because he was cold. The first thing he noticed was that the moon wasn't shining through his curtains.

When he pulled them aside, he grinned and opened his windows as quickly as he could.

Snow whirled around his head and got stuck in his hair as the freezing wind made the tip of his nose red.

Harry giggles and sighed dreamily.

"Hello, Jack Frost. Nice to see you again."

More and more snowflakes fell and the world around Harry slowly turned white.

The boy yawned before he pulled on his thick, lavender jumper and a pair of skinny jeans. His fuzzy white socks were next, along with a pair of brown boots.

Once he was downstairs, he shrugged on his thick coat and wrapped a scarf around his neck.

He made sure that he had his phone with him before leaving the house and stepping into the cold, quiet night.

Harry made his way to the park, rather fond of taking a walk when it was snowing.

He walked through the park, warmth filling his chest upon hearing the slightest crisp of snow beneath his feet.

It was a little scary to walk through a dark park on his own but for some reason, Harry felt protected and safe in the snow.

Soon enough, a layer of snow covered the ground, benches and trees around him. It stopped snowing, the sky cleared up and the moon slowly showed herself, shining brightly.

Harry cleaned the snow from a bench by the lake, sitting down and breathing out, water vapour leaving his lips.

He stuffed his hands further into his pockets, searching for warmth as he enjoyed his alone time.

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