Football Game

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Jason and Nico were both in high school, Nico a Sophmore, Jason a Senior. But, this year Jason made the strong desicion to join the Varsity football team, at try-outs Jason had excelled at everything.

Nico was proud to see Jason try-out for Varsity, he was happy when he got to sit in the stands and watch him play, and wether the team won or lost the two of them would go and get ice cream or pizza.

Today was different, it was the last game of the season and this was for their school's championship title. It was important.

Their school team was down by two and it was almost the end of the fourth quarter, 2 minutes left actually. And the team had time for at least 3 more plays.

Jason was a wide reciever and it was probably the best thing that Nico had ever seen. Jason had two jerseys, one for home games and one for games away, Nico had gotten to wear the oversized away jersey with GRACE written across the back and a number 1 on it.

Nico had a grin on his face the entire game, until it came to the last play. Jason was on the field, and there was 30 seconds left on the clock. Jason knew the play perfectly well, and from the 20 yard line it was an easy manuver to pull off.

When the quarterback snapped the ball Jason immediatly ran, and once he was far enough he extended a hand, for the quarterback to throw the ball. Once the ball was thrown, it went through the air in a perfect spiral, hitting Jason's finger tips just enough to knock the ball into his arms, and he ran.

Nico was screaming from the side line, a gigantic grin on his face. And Jason scored the winning touchdown.

Nico ran down the stands, careful to not trip over his own feet, which often happens, and made his way down, Jason whooping and screaming, and running to the stands. Nico had finally made his way to the front and security opened the gate that opened the bleachers to the field.

As soon as Nico stepped onto the field Jason had his strong arms wrapped around him and their lips collided, Nico, grinning like a maniac, and Jason, smiling and laughing.

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