Chapter 17

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Luke's POV

Oh god, am I whipped.

Tarra's so amazing. She's like a female version of me and I love everything about her. I love her blue eyes, I love how she always sits cross-legged on couches, I love how she always hums along to my songs when I play them. I've only known her for a few days but shes just incredible.

I held my gaze on her throughout the whole night. And she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I felt a sliver of hope when I saw the twinkle in her eyes. Maybe she feels the same way?

Suddenely, while we are playing 'Don't Stop" I notice Tarra broke our intense staring competition to look beside her. I watch her body go into panic mode, and then I realise.

Lia's not beside her.

I quickly grow concerned but finish the song. The concerts over now, anyways. We thank the crowd for being amazing, which indeed they were, and I run off-stage.

"Man, why were you so eager to get off stage?" Michael chuckles and I shake my head.

"Nows not the time," I gulp and Ashton and Calum begin to look worried.

"Luke, whats up?" Calum says.

"Lia, shes not in the crowd."

Ashton immediately tenses, an engraged expression coming over his face. I feel someone tap my shoulder and I turn around to face a crying Tarra.

"I c-can't find her," she sobs and I take her into my arms.

We all rush into the dressing room and begin to panic. Where is she?

The door suddenely bursts open and Jake comes in fuming.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SISTER?" He yells and Tarra cries harder.

"Jake, I-I promise. She was beside me and then she was gone. I c-couldn't hear anything because the music and the screaming."

Jake runs a hand through his hair and a wave of anger must have washed over him because his hand was now in the wall.

"Jake, calm down. She has to be somewhere," Calum frowns and Ashton cracks his knuckles angrily.

"Whoever took her, I fucking swe-"

He is cut off by the sound of a phone ringing. Tarra stiffens, but whips it out of her pocket fast.

"Lia?!" She squeals, putting it on speaker.

"Tarra, please. Go to the pizzeria down the road from the arena. P-please come quick."

I can hear Ashton's heart breaking just from here, but he manages to speak up. "Babe, who has you?"

Lia sobs,



Lia's POV

I end the call and shove the phone back in my pocket. They need to come, and fast.

Cody comes back after a minute, a flask of some sort in his hands. I grimace as he slides down beside me. He places an arm around my neck and I gulp down the vomit. I can't shake it off, he said, or there will be consequences. So instead, I speak.

"Why the hell are you in Italy?"

He chuckles, "You brought me here."

I gag. What a creep.

"Seriously, I did? What kind of a sick weirdo are you?"

"Me and Ashton have some history, love. And you seem to make him happy, and I don't want him happy," he says as if its nothing.

"It must've been some pretty shitty history if you don't wanna see him happy," I mumble in disgust. I see headlights in the distance and pretend not to notice. Its them, it has to be.

"Oh shit," Cody groans and removes his hand from my shoulder. "I'll see you soon, love."

Cody raises his hand and slaps me, and let me tell you, it stings like a motherfucker. He runs of quickly before the lads and Tarra can get out of the car. I sit there, huddled up against the hard wall until they reach me.

"L-Lia," Tarra cries and takes me in her comforting arms. I am too weak and cold to respond, so I just mumble.

"Lia oh my god," Tarra lets go of me so Michael can scoop me up and bring me over to Ashton and Jake.

I can hear Jake crying and Ashton starts cursing furiously under his breath while letting a few tears out. I feel a pain shoot through my side and suddenely, blackness starts creeping into my vision.

"No," Ashton sobs  "Stay with me Lia."

I mumble some sort of response before I completely black out.


A/N: double update! Well the stranger turned out to be Cody? What a stalker and comment dearies♥ leah x

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