"Oh shit, she's naked."

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Dear reader,

I must forewarn you about the subject that is "smut". There is a small portion of this "smut" that has been written by the author of this book towards the end of the chapter. If you do not wish to burn your virgin eyes, then I shall advise you now beforehand that this "smut" is there. I shall now leave. Enjoy your reading.

(Amelia Barnes's POV)

Is this guy an idiot? Who the hell doesn't leave their hostage with a can opener so that they can open their can of food?

Amelia rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out at the now locked basement door.

"Fuck, I am starving as hell~" the brunette sang to herself.

"What to do, what to- Oh wait, he forgot to cuff me again," Amelia realized, shaking her wrists back and forth.

Now armed with the knowledge that she was no longer restrained, Amelia forced herself to stand up, feeling her legs scream at the wounds Sangwoo inflicted upon her.


Standing fully upright now, Amelia felt a small object slip from her jacket, making a sound as it fell to the floor.

My phone! She yelled internally. Thank gawd. And it's still at 80%. Hot damn I'm lucky!

Switching on the flashlight, Amelia could now see her surroundings. There wasn't honestly that much to see, though. It was just an empty-ass basement with some long ass stairs, some whole-ass boxes, and a random-ass pole placed in its dead-ass center.

"Hmmm.... Would I fit in one of these boxes?" Amelia asked, making her way towards the nearest one.

"Oh! This one's empty!"

Getting a better grip on her phone, Amelia got into the box and curled up inside.

"It's actually pretty small."

So you think I'm skinny!

Snorting at that thought, the brunette wondered what would happen if Sangwoo came home thinking she had been able to run away, when all along she was hiding in one of the many boxes he kept in his basement.

That legit's kinda rude, Amelia's "logical" side of her brain thought.He kept you alive and now you're here contemplating your life in a tiny ass box. Didn't he give you, like, food to eat or something?

My dude, Amelia replied. I don't know how you don't remember, but I am allergic to seafood. And if you also didn't know, fish is seafood.

Sighing, the girl stepped out of the box and grabbed the can of food before making her way towards the stairs.

"If he's not getting me a can opener, then I'll go get one myself."

Based on my experiences with Mei, Sangwoo was wearing really light and casual clothing, so his date will last around an hour and a half, probably at the mall. From watching him drive, it takes him about fifteen minutes to drive from his house to the city, so I have around two hours of freedom. Hope that's enough time to make this work.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs, Amelia pulled out a safety pin from her jacket. Using both the safety pin and the hair pin, she began unlocking the basement door, pushing up and evening out the springs inside of the lock.

With a turn of the doorknob, the door swung open as Amelia cheered.


Stepping into a hallway, she continues on, and finally reaches a kitchen on her left.

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