"I gave myself consent to die, but I didn't give you consent to kill me."

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(Amelia Barnes's POV)

When Amelia came to, she found herself in the dark with a small line of light coming from the bottom of the basement door.

"Damn," She groaned. "What happened yesterday-oh shit."

Oh shit indeed. Yesterday's occurrences dropped onto her like her cramps on a Saturday morning. And when that happens, things usually don't look so well for anyone who dares cross the door into her bedroom.

"That Atsumu looking fucker," Amelia spat, pulling her legs into a criss-cross applesauce. "He hits like a little bitch. Acts like one too."

Trying to assess the damage done on her, Amelia shook her legs, hearing the creaks in her knees as she rolled her head.

"Wow, I sound old as hell."

I think he might have bruised me or something. Did he break a leg?

"Man, fuck him," Amelia said aloud, picking out a hairpin from her brown locks. "He really doesn't know how to kidnap a person, huh?"

Straightening the pin, Amelia inserted the tip into the wedge of the handcuffs, squeezing the cuff as well as pushing in the bobby pin. A click was heard, and the handcuff loosened on her left hand.

"Always check your victims after you knock them out cold," She said, smiling to herself.

Repeating the same process on her right hand, Amelia was finally free from the cuffs. She sighed in relief, massaging her wrists to let the blood flow into her hands.

"And that's on what?" She asked. "YouTube."

Amelia took this opportunity to stretch, allowing her muscles to relax as she yawned.

I think this was the best sleep I've ever had since elementary.

As she continued to stretch out her limbs, Amelia heard the basement door open, and unintentionally made eye-contact with the door opener.


Standing there was Sangwoo in all his glory, looking down at Amelia with confusion as she had her hands in the air, un-cuffed and fully awake.

"What the fuck?"

(Oh Sangwoo's POV)

Oh how Sangwoo wanted to scream. This little brat had managed to wake up after he had knocked her out, proceeded to insult him on his kidnapping skills, show no fear even after he had threatened her, and piss him off enough to not kill her.

Now here she was, cuff-free with the audacity to be stretching as if she had just had the nap of her life, even though she had just been kidnapped the day before.

Sangwoo almost crushed the can of food in his hand as he glared at her in a mix of anger and confusion.

"Oh. What's up, man?" Amelia asked, giving him a casual smile. "I told you yesterday that I could get out of these cuffs easy. Is today even today or is today yesterday?"

"You know what? I'll just kill you now," Sangwoo said rhetorically.

"Really? You would do that?"

"Of course!" Sangwoo exclaimed. "You're annoying as hell, and I think I'd be doing the world a favor if I killed you," He continued, a grin forming on his face.

"Oh, then go ahead," Amelia replied, opening her arms wide, as if inviting him in for a hug.

"What?" Sangwoo asked, surprised for the umpteenth time. "You're going to let me kill you just like that? Not gonna run away or fight back or anything?"

"What did you think I was going to do? Run away and scream bloody murder? Bro, I've been waiting to die since I was born."

"I thought- What are you?"

"I don't know, what am I?"

"Argh, what the HELL!" Sangwoo exclaimed, chucking the can of food at Amelia. "Just die!"

Without blinking an eye, Amelia calmly caught the can of food. Turning the can around to read the label, Amelia's face scrunched up.

"Fish chowder? Seriously? I hate to tell you this man, but I'm allergic to seafood. Like deadly allergic," The brunette said, twirling the can of food in her hand.

Yet again, Sangwoo was beginning to get angry, his breath became ragged from just listening to her talk about her stupid allergy.

"I mean, unless you want me to eat this and commit 'reset character', I would gladly-"

"NO!" Sangwoo yelled out. "What? Shit!"

What am I saying? What the hell is with this brat? Does she actually want to die that badly? And why in the hell am I stopping her from dying? Am I going crazy?

Sangwoo groaned as he clenched his head, confusing himself with his overwhelming thoughts.

"Uhm, you good my guy?"

"You know what?" Sangwoo asked himself, laughing as he made his way down the basement steps. "I'll just kill you now."

"Excuse me, what?" Amelia asked. "I did not give you consent to kill me, sir."

That stopped him in his tracks.

"Didn't you just tell me you wanted to die?"

"Oh, that. I gave myself consent to die, but I didn't give you consent to kill me."

"Of all the people I could have kidnapped, it had to be you!" Sangwoo exclaimed, throwing his hands up. "The only food you're gonna get is from that can, and I hope you choke and die from your stupid allergy. I'm not dealing with your bullshit today."

Walking back up the basement stairs, Sangwoo was interrupted by Amelia.

"Wait man, where are you going? You're gonna leave me here without a can opener?"

Of all the shit she can think about, she thinks about a fucking can opener?

"Figure it out yourself. I'm going out."

"Going out? And leaving me to my lonesome? Where are you going anyways?"Amelia asked, suddenly curious.

"To find someone that I can actually kill until I can kill you," he answered.

Locking the basement door behind him, he caught Amelia's faint voice muttering, "He's actually going to go find me a friend? How considerate of him."

How the hell am I going to kill this brat? 

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