"Dude, we literally just had a conversation about your dick."

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(Amelia Barnes's POV)

Amelia smiled in satisfaction when Minwo hit the floor once again. It wasn't like she wanted to hit the female, string her up on the basement wall, cut her up and expose the cuts to lemon juice, it was just that the shit she was blabbering spilled out of her mouth like a waterfall, and Amelia had the sudden urge to shut her up. And her intrusive thoughts made her want to. It was always the intrusive thoughts.

Damn, that's savage, Amelia thought, turning Minwo onto her back as she whistled at the sight of her now more bruised body.

"If this was an easier way to burn calories, I shouldn't have needed to climb the stairs," Amelia said, looking up at Sangwoo. "By the way, have you ever thought about installing a slide instead of having stairs?"

Sangwoo scoffed. "What am I, eight?"

"You're not eight, you're stupid," Amelia rolled her eyes. "Haven't you ever thought about it? You throw' em down and all, and they can't climb back up because it's a fucking slide and they're injured."

"So I'm supposed to make my entrance into my lair like what, fucking Superman on a bright yellow slide? How would I even get back up?"

"I was thinking more like- wait Superman?" Amelia looked offended. "Don't you ever compare yourself to him. Ever."

"Why not?"

"Have you seen yourself? It's the dyed blonde hair me."


"It's the has no time on his hands so he kidnaps people for me."

"You bi-"

"It's the not thinking through your plans and leaving holes for smart people to poke through them for me."


"It's the streaking around the house even though there's a minor locked in your basement for me."


"It's the holding an underage girl hostage and exposing them to pornography for me. It's also the-"

"Okay, I get it!" Sangwoo exclaimed, picking up Minwo and slamming her into the floor. Minwo was unconscious, but her body let out a few cracks. Yikes. "You can shut the hell up!"

"Anna oop..." Amelia said, staring at Minwo's yet again disfigured body.

(Oh Sangwoo's POV)

"Are you done yet?" Sangwoo asked, breathing a bit quickly after throwing Minwo. Amelia pursed her lips as she thought for a second.

"You just threw her like a wrestler."

"I work out, and you were talking too much."

"So you threw her like an alarm clock because I was throwing shade?"

"Your problem being?" Sangwoo cracked his knuckles.

Amelia waited, and then opened her mouth to speak. "It's also the has a big dick but radiates smol pp energy for me."

Sangwoo took a moment to process what she just said, and asked, "You were looking at my dick?"

"Because you were standing there wearing nothing!" Amelia flushed, looking incredulously at Sangwoo.

"Wow, pervert much?" Sangwoo raised his eyebrows, finding himself a new way to tease the brunette.

"I was not a pervert! You were standing there wearing nothing!"

"I threw a grown, naked woman down a flight of stairs, her head hitting the wood and bleeding almost every step of the way, and all you saw was my dick?"

"W-well, you were also naked!"

"You're point being?"

"Wear some damn clothes next time you decide to chuck a woman down the drain, you pedo!"

"How does that make me a pedo?" Sangwoo sat down on a crate by Minwo's body, leaning forward towards Amelia.

"Were you not listening earlier?" Amelia huffed. "You literally showed a minor your fucking dick! Creep-ass!"

"You're a minor? With that mouth, I'd think you'd be older," Sangwoo said, surprised by this revelation. Crap, was he actually a pedo?

"Um, is that supposed to mean something?" The brunette asked. "Because if not, I'm done, peace the fuck out."

"I'm not done!" Sangwoo stood up, tightening the chain around Minwo before turning his attention towards Amelia again. "You haven't told me why I should get a slide for my basement yet."

"What slide?"

"What slide? You were just-"

"Short-term memory, I was distracted."

"By our dick talk?"

"No, not by the dick talk, I don't even know how we got there!"

"We were talking about a slide, and then you trailed off about something."

"I did? Oh yea!" Amelia snapped her fingers. "It's the manipulating a minor and attempting to groom them for me."

"When was I grooming you?"

"Dude, we literally just had a conversation about your dick," Amelia replied, turning away from Sangwoo. "I'm underage, if you recall."

"What the- you remember enough about that, but not when you were telling me to get a slide?"

"What slide?"

"You know what? Nevermind. Probably shouldn't have expected anything from a 'kid' like you."

"Says the kidnapper and now canon pedo..."



I swear if she says one more thing, Sangwoo thought, I'm going to be throwing her like an alarm clock.

~ ~ ~

A/N: I am so sorry for the short chapter and not updating, but life is kind of crap right now, and I've lost a bit of motivation, especially in school and whatnot. Don't worry though, I will be attempting to update more often!

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