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Good Girl by PepperminPatti
Good Girlby Pepperminpatti
18 year old Yang Hye-Jin is the younger sister of Yang Suengbae. She loves helping out in the police station, and wants to be an officer herself, but after the incident...
Yandere! Oh Sangwoo/Reader by mirkomilk
Yandere! Oh Sangwoo/Readerby mirkomilk
(Y/n) had never once been down in her captors basement, hopefully it'd never happen, especially not after what he had told her.
Killing Stalking || Female Robbery by bunnyyen_jpg
Killing Stalking || Female Robberyby 🤍B U N N Y🤍
His smile was charming His looks deceiving His eyes were captivating but his Aura was sinister... You knew he was hiding something from you, you knew it from the bottom...
Second Chances - Oh Sangwoo X Male Reader by HansenWritesStuff
Second Chances - Oh Sangwoo X Male...by Hansen
What is this mess I've gotten into? It's not my fault, is it? I've loved him since I first saw him. I love his energetic aura, his perfect smile, his well pronounced...
His Angel | Oh Sangwoo x my female oc AGERE - SFW little space story  by Slytherin_pup
His Angel | Oh Sangwoo x my female...by Kenji Sangwoo
Kenji is a normal 16 year old girl with a traumatic past, yet her stalker Oh Sangwoo finds something special about her. Kenji age regresses.
| CORRUPTION | Sangwoo x Reader x Seungbae LEMON by Baeshounen
| CORRUPTION | Sangwoo x Reader x...by ❋ Jessica Akashi ❋
"I'm not letting you go," he cooed, sliding his index finger along my jawline. Being a police investigator has always been tough work, especially when she clas...
Tough Love by ohhsangwoo
Tough Loveby ohhsangwoo
sangwoo x reader warning: mature themes and domestic violence
Where The Silence Grows (Oh Sangwoo x reader. Killing stalking fanfic)  by _anime_kitty_girl
Where The Silence Grows (Oh Sangwo...by Kitsune
(Y/N) a girl with a troubled past spends her days in college going by seeming unnoticed or so she thought. Until one day Sangwoo lays eyes on her, she will soon come to...
((DISCONTINUED!!))Killing Me Softly (Oh Sangwoo x YoonBum gay fanfic) by murderhusbandss
((DISCONTINUED!!))Killing Me Softl...by Unstable Will
((DISCONTINUED!!)) The officer was arrested, my love was still alive, I think he's done with Killing but. . . I don't think the devil left him. 🚫SPOILERS🚫 this is a co...
(killing stalking x reader) 𝐅𝐄𝐖 𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐒 𝐀𝐆𝐎 𝐁𝐄𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐎𝐍 𝐁𝐔𝐌, the casanova aka oh sangwoo kidnaps y/n jackson. y/n was severely sexual abused by san...
Oh Akito by KyDraco07
Oh Akitoby Kylee Neslen
Oh Sangwoo and Yoon Bum's child. his point of view. In this story Sangwoo doesn't die. Dad and Daddy are play fighting but won't play with me. I wish that dad wouldn't...
Salty love (Sangwoo x reader) by goddessofgreatness
Salty love (Sangwoo x reader)by Liya
You are from the sea, and he is from the land. People from the land and sea don't mix... or do they? What happens when a gentle soul from the sea gains the affection of...
Another Chance (Yoonbum x Reader) by annaspaws
Another Chance (Yoonbum x Reader)by annaspaws
You had heard about the serial killer on the news, his house being only a few neighborhoods away. Curiosity got the better of you. But what happens when a young man...
Deku X Sangwoo (parody) by namjoons_gloria
Deku X Sangwoo (parody)by Gloriahas_norightsᵇᵗˢ ⟬⟭
This story is a joke, so don't take it seriously. This shouldn't have taken as long as it did.
Sangbum (one shots) by HanakosToiilet
Sangbum (one shots)by Maddy
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! :) OH SANGWOO X YOON BUM Thank you to my friend @wonbiss for editing the cover for me! <3 1# SangwooxYoonbum
Can A Killer, Cure A Killer?  by bbunnii_
Can A Killer, Cure A Killer? by Nai
Welcome to Another Killing Stalking Fanfic there's totally not more to come. this story will be taking place way before Bum and Sangwoo's encounter. A Year Before. I'll...
Your Just Like Me..// YoonBum X Reader// by McKALE0219A
Your Just Like Me..// YoonBum X Re...by Smol_AnimeBean
when She was small , around five, her parents where killed. People say it was a freak accident to her, but she knows what actually happend. Her dad, who was never a goo...
·Sweet Serial Killer· {Sangwoo x Male reader} by Shy-Darling
·Sweet Serial Killer· {Sangwoo x M...by Shy-Dearest
Here is the continuation of my unfinished book "SWEET SERIAL KILLER {SANGWOO X MALE READER} by Disappearance101/Me. if you have any questions pm me or put your que...
Caught In My Web Sangwoo  by DaizhaBlackWolf
Caught In My Web Sangwoo by Dabi's Bitch
"SANGWOO OH SANGWOO, what's the matter? I thought you liked pain." I said laughing at the hopeless human, struggling to get out of my metal web. "You craz...
Oh Sangwoo x Yoonbum   by iinsertnameheree
Oh Sangwoo x Yoonbum by Kitten
This story will be inappropriate af maybe a bit brutal so grab your snacks and your lube 😂 ⚠️ disclaimer: please don't hate me because I like killing stalking I don't a...