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Override  [Male Yandere X Reader]  (UNDER RECONSTRUCTION) by Innocentpotato2306
Override [Male Yandere X Reader] Biggie Cheese
Humans are just so...D̶̦̳̩̩̎̈̐̄͒́͠e̸̢̻̳̥͛͂͑̚l̷̢̧̼̟̜̹̣̻͚͗͆̄̎̋̿į̵̧͈͈͕̦̭̦̔̏͜ͅc̷̛͎͕͙͕̺̰̘͕͑̈́̅̔̉͒̈́̏ä̷̭́̃̾͘͜t̵̗̪͉̘̗͛̇̉̔ē̷̬̞͓̺̳̑̂̈́̽̾͝͝ You're in the year 69420 drones deliver...
The Queen And The Princess by marimoxoxo
The Queen And The Princessby Scarllet ♡
After the battle of Fairy Tail and the Alvarez Empire's assault, Erza Scarlet decided to take a break and travel somewhere peaceful, but little did she know a strong for...
Mal by Malikah_13
Malby Malikah Sadozai
A realistic story about a girl in school + GCSEs + the struggles along with all the drama.
Pro heroes chatroom by FlyingTodoroni
Pro heroes chatroomby patrick star
fuck midnight make the chat on purpose because she want tea and then all might the fucking idiot add nezu..
Tangled Up by rockafellastreet
Tangled Upby I like doves.
This is a very gay book. Few smut, mentions of rape, Fluff, Angst, & critical humor appear in this book because why not. Right enjoy. :3 Credit to @Swoftgermanyy for mak...
Rant-a-lot by Victorie5802gal
Rant-a-lotby 🌼Vicky🌼
The title is self-explanatory. This is just me ranting about Wattpad and life really, and also some random things.
incorrect Undertale quotes  by -Berri
incorrect Undertale quotes by Berry
Most of them are stolen from Tumblr Edit: How are people still finding this story I-
Izuku powers of the eyes by Cheetahx2
Izuku powers of the eyesby Zakery23
In this story this will involve Izuku having a quirk but unfortunately people labelled it as weak so what will happen when an incident occurs for him that it caused him...
Undertale LEMONS~~ by d0nTfUcKwltHmE
Undertale LEMONS~~by XXX
Hi i decided to make a book of lemons!! U can request at any time! I hope u come ( cum )and read my book ( heheh I am so weird ) SUPER SLOW UPDATES
In Deep by PartridgesWifeyyy
In Deepby Mrs. Partridge
Jordyn Pierce was everything but needy. Strong, outgoing, confident, independent, she was what every girl aspired to be. After spending the summer in New York with her...
Heartless love  by nini3xxx
Heartless love by nini3xxx
They told me im heartless but truth be told I'm only heartless when it come to you
Restless Heart Syndrome by mychemicalbitchbot
Restless Heart Syndromeby A
They say all Shadowhunters are dramatic, and Alec Lightwoods seems to be no exception. Malec, post CoLS.
~ Yuri Oneshots ~  by SmuttyLittleWriter
~ Yuri Oneshots ~ by SmuttyLittleWriter
Huehuehuehueh- we all know how it's gonna go down for me. ... JUST LIKE IN MY DAN X PHIL SMU- *BLEEP*
Play with me  by BrokenAngel219
Play with me by Rayne Elizabeth
Just my fantasies and too excite myself it's normal lol full blown Sexual shit
Calling my phone  by nini3xxx
Calling my phone by nini3xxx
Steady callin' my phone I done told you before that it's over, leave me 'lone Know it's hurtin' you to see me gone Dark clouds, you gon' see me storm I won't go back But...
memes by AgustinaSWEG
memesby hanna the mochi
Look at the title, you weirdos.