"I would've said 'harder daddy', but that's illegal."

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(Amelia Barnes's POV)

Not going to lie, Amelia felt bad for Minwo. Her once pretty (*cough* not *cough*) face and body were completely mangled now after Sangwoo flung her down, and the brunette wasn't even sure whether or not the young woman was still alive. Probably not though. And then, Minwo let out small pants as if trying to gain air for her body, and that sadly confirmed that yes, she was still alive.

Sangwoo had left a bit earlier, claiming he was going out to get some "supplies" to clean his basement, and knowing him for a day and a half, it wasn't the supplies a regular sane human being would expect. Of course, he left Amelia with a grand warning that she would lose more than just her ankles if she decided to do anything stupid.

Of course, that wasn't going to stop her from doing anything stupid, it never would. Threats were just a warning, and Amelia never listened to warnings anyways. His words just excited her more, and damn her sadistic side, but she was curious what the man would be like if he got angry. Like livid.

As she sat there, plotting what to do next, Minwo released a groan, obviously from all the pain of, you know, the stuff Sangwoo did to her. Amelia whistled, turning and covering her face away from the female as she went back to planning her means of annoying Sangwoo.

And there it was. Like that stuff you always see in anime, a clear light shone down from the heavens, and Amelia had her plan in an instant. Now, all she had to do was venture out into Sangwoo's house to prepare. Again.

(Oh Sangwoo's POV)

If the man had wanted to scream before, he wanted to scream now. But wait, you don't even know what happened.

Before Sangwoo even pulled into the driveway of his house, he had a sinking feeling in his chest. Obviously, that was a bad thing because Sangwoo never had a sinking feeling in his chest. Something didn't feel right, and that feeling gnawed at him, and he was dying to figure out why he was feeling that way.

If that bitch pulled something, Sangwoo gripped the wheel tighter. Pulling up to his house, he tensely got his supplies out of the trunk, locked his car, and made his way to the opening of the door. The moment he opened the lock to the door, he swung it open to find himself faced with... nothing.

Sangwoo let out a sigh of relief, but that uneasy feeling was still there, and it made him nervous. Dropping his bags, Sangwoo pulled a pocket knife out of his jeans, and cautiously made his way throughout the house.

The house seemed normal from his quick sweep. The basement door was still locked with Amelia and Minwo inside, the things he had kept locked away in his safe were still there, and nothing seemed out of place. Or was it?

Still suspicious, Sangwoo walked back to the front of the house to grab his things, but something caught his eye. A gouge in the wooden floor of the living room was now uncovered by the rug Sangwoo had used to cover it, but the couch was still in its rightful place on the rug.

Confused, the bleach blonde stepped into the living room, where he noticed a few more issues. The bookshelf tucked away in the right corner was now moved a few centimeters, its side no longer touching the corner. The small glass cabinet that was placed in the centerline of the living room was moved to the left. And then, he realized the t.v. had also shifted a few centimeters to the left, but everything was still in line with each other as it always was.

It only took a few seconds for him to realize what had happened, and man, he wanted to scream.

(Amelia Barnes's POV)

Amelia could feel Sangwoo's anger before he even slammed the basement door open.

"Yikes, you look like you've been through some shit," Amelia noticed, looking at his tightly clenched fists.

"You," Sangwoo seethed, pointing an accusatory finger at her. "I told you not to leave the fucking basement!"

It wasn't a surprise that Amelia was surprised. "Out of everything I did, you're only angry because I left the basement? Well then, I shouldn't have done the kitchen either!"

"The kitchen? What the fuck did you do?"

Amelia smiled. "Might've moved everything one cabinet over, if you wanted to know-"

And then, the brunette saw the beautiful fiery gates of hell. Sangwoo had basically flown down the steps of the basement and punched the girl so hard in the jaw she flew back about a meter or so.

"Did I not specifically tell you to not leave this fucking basement?" Sangwoo asked, taking heavy breaths. "You fucking brat! You're not getting out of this one-"

"Aw, I can't believe you've done this," Amelia exhaled, picking herself up. "I would've said 'harder daddy', but that's illegal."

Sangwoo faltered, obviously not expecting the girl to be conscious, or able to stand up. The male opened his mouth to say something, but a warm liquid running down the side of his abdomen stopped him. Keeping his eyes on Amelia, he reached down to the side of his stomach to feel a sting when he did so. The metallic smell of blood was now present, and it was on him. One quick look down and Sangwoo realized he had been cut. But by what?

"And with that being said," Amelia wiped the blood dripping down her nose with the hand that was now revealed to be holding a kitchen knife also covered in blood, "You've picked the wrong bimbo to fuck with, bitch!"

(Oh Sanwoo's POV)

Eyes widened in disbelief, Sangwoo continued to stare at the wound he had just received by the little brat. A long, slightly deep cut ran from his waist up to the half of his ribcage.

What in the absolute fuckery was this?

~ ~ ~ 

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