"Wait, I could have escaped?"

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(Oh Sangwoo's POV)

"Start from the beginning, one more time," Sangwoo said exhaustedly, burrowing his head into his hands. "And without all the...references, please."

"Well I'm so sorry about the fact that you're uncultured," Amelia apologized unapologetically. "And since you asked, no❤️."


"But anyways," The  brunette continued, "After you had closed the door on me, I was like, 'Ohmygosh, you forgot to cuff me!' But I don't mean like, cuff cuff, but like, handcuffs, you know? And then I was like 'oof' obviously, cause you tried to beat me with a pipe or some shit. Why the hell do you have something like that lying around? Like do you need a-"


"Sorry! But then after I stood up, my phone literally fell out of my bra! I had totally forgotten about it, but I'm a B cup and it was a sports style, so it was quite easy to-"


"Tough audience, geez. But then I was like 'Yes! I still have my phone' and all, so then I turned on the flashlight, and I was waving it around to look at your basement. Do you like, hide bodies in there or something? Because there's a shit ton of boxes and nothing else in sight-"




"Okay? So then after seeing the boxes, I thought to myself 'What if I tried fitting in one of those boxes?' And guess what? I tried it and I fit! 10/10 wouldn't recommend trying again, because it was kinda uncomfortable. But the I remembered that I still had to eat that can of stuff you call 'food', like how is something like that-"


"Sangwoo, do you need a cough drop or something? I think I have a few on me right now-"

"Just-keep going..."

Rolling her eyes, Amelia continued.

"So then I made my way up the stairs, which took a while because who in the hell has long ass stairs in their basement? Like I think I lost a few calories just walking up! So then I reached the door, and thought about what I should do."

"Wait, you can think?" Sangwoo asked Amelia, feigning surprise. "Since when can you do that?"

"Tough talk for the dumbass motherfucker who forgot to handcuff me again, check me for any items that might help me escape, and then left me unattended," Amelia retorted.


"Gottee. Moving on, I pulled out the hairpin I used to escape the handcuffs from earlier, and pulled out a clothespin from my jacket. And so, bada-bing bada-boom, open sesame, I got the door open! I was like, 'Yaas' and everything but I still had to 'get that bread, get that head, then leave, peace out!' you know? 'Club Godzilla, I ain't trickin' I'm just dickin'-"


"Damn with the red heart emoji, too? That hurts. So then I found the kitchen and then found a can opener! Like hallelujah? And then I was about to open the can, but like I realized that I was allergic to seafood! So then I had to take a step back and chile. Anyways, I remembered that I still had my phone with me so I was like 'I'm still starving, like what the fuck?' So I pulled up and-"

"Ordered Dominoes instead of escaping."

"Wait, I could have escaped?"

This literal nutjob of a girl...Sangwoo thought.

"Are you an idiot?" The bleach-blonde asked. "How else could you have gotten your fucking pizza you dumbass? You'd have to open the front gate."

"Well, I needed an address for delivery and the only place I could get the highest bars for my LTE data was at your house."

"Y-you dumbass..."

"I'm not dumb! I was just...hungry, and forgot," Amelia murmured, looking to the side. "Oh, that reminds me! You should definitely not choose a place that's not your bookshelf that's next to the t.v. in your living room to hide emergency money."

"Wait," Sangwoo said, realizing what she just said. "You didn't."

"Yes, I did."

A few seconds passed.

"Sike!" Amelia exclaimed, laughing out loud at Sangwoo's reaction. "I don't need your crusty bills, lol. I have a credit card."

"You bitch!"

"And what are you gonna do about it. Woof woof?"

This little brat...

~ ~ ~

A/N: Following up with the previous post, I have published this story on another website known as 'Quotev'. Here is the link (copy and paste): https://tinyurl.com/y2853mw8

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