Enter: The Uzumaki Siblings

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Narrator:Twelve years ago a nine tailed fox and a ten tailed wolf suddendly appeared.Their tails lashed out smashing mountains and sending title waves crashing into the shores. Ninja rose up to defend their villages.

Leaf ninja:Hold the attack and wait for the fourth hokage!

He said as his head was bleeding then he jumped to join the fight. But another that was recovering said.

Leaf ninja2:It's getting closer! Don't let it near the village!

Suddendly another crash was heard and the source of the sound was a giant frog with his sword hilted and his pipe in his mouth. While a hero stood on his scarred face.

Narrator:one shinobi sealed the nine-tailed fox and ten-tailed wolf, in mortal combat. He sacrificed his life to capture the beasts and seal them in two human bodies. This ninja was known as the fourth hokage.


Laughing was heard as a girl with long blonde hair,goggles, a black t-shirt and an orange jacket and pants ran with a bucket of paint in her hand.

Man1:Naruko, come back here! When I get my hands on you!

Man2:You've crossed the line this time, Naruko!

The three jumped throughout the village the girl known as naruko jusmping about as the two try and catch her. They then jumped over the camera showing the newly painted stone faces. Naruko had faced them again. She started landing and shouted back at the two.

Naruko:Give it up! You're just bent because you don't have the guts to do what I do! Do you? Losers! Wannabes! You'll never catch me!

She said laughing again.

Man1:Lord Hokage! It's an emergancy!

Hokage:I hope you're not bothering me with some trivia. And don't tell me it's Naruko again.

Man2:it is Naruko again! She climbed onto the great stone faces!

Man1:She put graffiti all over the Hokage.

Hokage:*sighs breathing out a puff of smoke*

Back with Naruko she keeps avading the two shinobi as they try to catch her. She seemingly jumps away and they follow her.

Man1:Naruko! Hold on!

She then comes out of her camaflouge and looks at them laughing.

Naruko:That was too easy!

Then a boy comes from around the corner and screams into her ear.

???:oh yeah, Naruko?

She screams and land on the ground infront of him.

Naruko:Where'd you come from, big brother? What are you doing here?

She said to the boy it was y/n uzumaki her big brother. He had red straight hair and blue eyes like her.

Y/n:I came to get you and take you to class you're gonna be late again.

Naruko:so what?

He then crouches down and looks her in her eyes.

Y/n:I'm not letting my little sister be late I love you too much for that.

When he said this her cheeks flushed up a bit and she looked shocked.

???:Hey you two!

A voice shouted from behind them.

Y/n:damn thought I gave him the slip.

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