Journey To The Land Of Waves

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-Y/n pov-

We had just gotten back from our mission which was to catch a cat for a lady and when we did. We brought it back to the woman and I saw why it ran away. And of course Naruko was mad because we didn't get a serious mission.

Hokage:now for squad sevens next mission, we have several available tasks. Huh? Among them, babysitting the chief counselers three year old. Helping his wife do the shopping, digging up potatoes, and--

Naruko:no! I want to go on a real mission!

She said making her arms into a x.

Naruko:something challengung and exciting, not this little kid stuff. Come on, old man!

Y/n:she does have a point sending us on these low level missions that anyone can do is just humiliating.

Iruka:how dare you! You're just a brand-new genin with no excperience. Like everyone else you start with simple missions to develop your skills and prove yourself.

Naruko:Are you serious?! Babysitting is not a mission. It's just a stupid--Ah!

She screamed asI punched her head silencing her.

Kikashi:will you put a lid on it?

Hokage:Naruko, it seems you do not understand the tasks tou have been given. Listen, many different kimds of requests come into our vilage everyday. From babysitting to assasination. These requests are carefully recorded, analyzed, then ranked A, B, C , or D, depending  on their difficulty. We ninja are also ranked by ability. Hokage at the top. Jonin, Chunin, and Genin at the bottom. At the highest level we assign them to the ninja with the appropriate skill and experience. And if the mission is successful, we recive a fee that supports our village and our work. Si ce you are unteied Genin just stsrting down the shinobi path. You are given D ranked missions of course. Hmm?

Naruko:*to the others* so I had this to kotsu ramen yesterday, and I'm thinking miso ramen today.


Kikashi:oh, sorry.

Naruko:you always lecture me like you're my grandfather or something! But I'm not the little brat that used to pull pranks all the time. I'm a Ninja and I was a Ninja mission.

She turned around in a huff.

Kikashi:I'm going to hear about this later.

The Hokage laughs as he smokes his pipe.

Hokage:so be it. Since you are so determined, I'm going to give you a C-ranked mission. You'll be body gaurds on a journey.

Naruko:really? Yes! Who? Who? Are we gaurding a princess? Or some counselor.

Y/n:if it were that than it ould be an A ranked mission or S rank this is most likely some paraoid person.

Hokage:I will bring him in now. Send in our visitor.

We turn around and see an old man with a beer bottle.

???:what the--? A bunch of little snot-nosed kids?

Y/n:please no.

???:and you, the little one with the idiotic look on your face. You really expect me to believe your a ninja.

Naruko:wha. Who are you calling idiotic?! I'll demolish you. Let me get my hands on him I'll destroy him!

Kikashi:you can't demolish the client Naruko it doesn't work that way.

Y/n:yeah if you want revenge then just let whoever wants him dead do it. Easy as that.

Kikashi:no it doesn't work that way either.

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