Day with An Angel

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A new addition to the harem

Kin Tsuchi

Kin Tsuchi

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-Y/n pov-

I had just got back from training and had started to wonder.

Y/n:if I have this wolf inside me can I talk to it?

I start to tap my head and speak.

Y/n:hey wolf are you up there?

I heard nothing. I start my walk home and see a familiar girl with short hair.

Y/n:hey hinata.

I said and ran towards her and saw her wave at me.

Hinata:h-hi y/n. Why are you here?

Y/n:I was training and had some free time so wanna hangout?

Hinata:oh um sure w-where do you want to go?

Y/n:uh I don't know lets just walk around for a bit.

We walk around for a few minutes and I feel my stomach feel weird.

Y/n:what is this feeling? So Hinata did you already get your picture taken for your I.D.?

Hinata:yes I already did. I was kinda nervous I didn't know if it would come out good or make me look bad.

Y/n:knowing you, you would look good anywhere.


Y/n:why did I juat say that?

Hinata:y-you really think so?

Y/n:y-yeah sorry if I made you uncomftorble.

Hinata:n-no its fine. Thank you for the compliment.

Y/n:your welcome. Hey wanna grab a bite to eat?

Hinata:sure what do you have in mind?

Y/n:um don't really know places, but my sister goes to this place but I'm not sure you'll like it.

Hinata:its okay I'm not really picky.

Y/n:okay then.

We go to ichiraku ramen we order and after ramen we pay and we go to the forest and just talk for a while.

Y/n:so hinata what's up with your eyes. Not to be rude I'm just curious.

Hinata:its a type of kekkei genkai in my clan. Our eyes can activate and veins from our eyes pop out and we can see the flow of chakra.

Y/n:its like the sharinagn right?


Y/n:its a kekkei genkai in the uchiha clan. I only know one uchiha and its sasuki their eyes change red and they can see chakra as well. So the sharingan and byakugan are kind of alike huh?

Hinata:well I don't know about that the byakugan is able to see through things and chakra points in a persons body. We are also able to stop them to cut off a persons chakra.

Y/n:woah you can do all that? You are so cool!

Hinata:t-thank you. But how did you about the sharingan?

Y/n:oh um that right well. I uh read up on it. I got curious and researched it. It enhances your reflexes and tour perceprion and can predict a persons movements.

Hinata:really sound interesring and by the way you'tr talkimg about it like you were experiencing it.

Y/n:hinata I hava a secret to tell you.

Hinata:o-oh! W-what is it?

Y/n:I discovered this a while back and I wanna tell you. After all you are the reason this happened.

-3rd pov-

Hinata:I-is he confessing to me?! I don't know what to say. I've liked him for a long time, I can't believe this is finally happening.

She thought as a blush grew on her face. What she didn't know or hear was he was saying something completely different.

Y/n:I have the sharingan. I don't know how or why but I'm trusting you to keep this secret do you promise to keep it?

He turned and saw hinata in her own thoughts and y/n shook her. She opened her eyes shot open as y/n spoke again.

Y/n:so do you?

Hinata:do I what.

Y/n:promise to keep my secret.

Hinata:oh no I wasn't paying attention! yes I will.

Y/n:thanks hinata you're a great friend.


She was saddened at what he said it wasn't a confession it was a sign of trust as friends.

Hinata:I-I need to get home.

She said as she stood up and walked away.

Y/n:h-hey wait for me.

He said and caught up with her. But while they were walking to her house she kept looking down and y/n noticed this.

Y/n:hey hinata are you alright?

Hinata:y-yes just tired.

She said but y/n didn't believe it her heard the saddness in her voice.

Y/n:hinata seriously what's wrong you can't hide it from me. Your voice sounds sad so please.

Hinata: well remember in the forest. I didn't hear what you said because I thought you were going to say something to me. But now I know you never will.

Y/n:never will what?

Hinata:never like me!

She said in a higher voice than usual and y/n was shkcked because two things. She shouted and a confesson from her.

Hinata:I've liked you for a long time but you never look at me the way I look at you. And I realise that I won't have a chance because. The other girls in the class and better than me in every way. I'm just the shy quiet girl that is always in the back ground.

Y/n:hinata...*puts hand on her cheek* don't bring yourself down like that. And besides I do like you.


Y/n:yeah I've always been so fond of you. I don't think of you as some other girl because you are speacial to me. Thats why I like you.

Then hinata started to tear up but...was smiling at the same time.

Y/n:hey are you-

Henwas cur off by hinata clinging onto him and pressing her lips against his she wrapped her arms around him and he did the same as they shared a kiss for the briefest moment before seperating.

Hinata:y/n...thank you I...can't believe you were my first kiss.

Y/n:was ya know bad?

Hinata:no it was how I imagined it would be.

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