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Publish date of first chapter: 18th of January, 2015

This is the SEQUEL, or PART II to "The Mystery Fighter" in 'The Streetfighter'-duologi, meaning the content is the continuation of the story from the first book.

The blurb and cover of this book is only the first draft, meaning; there will most likely be done changes now and then when I feel something could have been done better. I will be sure to inform you on my profile if any major editing happens.


When being a loner and the protective sister of her last family member that she now has become, Cassandra isn't eager to let anybody else into her life. However, currently living at the back room of a fighting bar, on the getaway from child services and with suspicion that their every move is being tracked, contributes to slowly breaking Cassandra's hope for the peaceful life she had promised her little sister, Celine.

In the midst of these challenging times, the school's head player and Cassandra's former tutee, Julian, has found out about her double life. However, the previously annoying boy turns out to play a bigger role in Cassandra's life than she thought.

Torn between trust and instinct, being together with her last family member or letting go for good; Cassandra finds that life on the streets of gangs has just risen to a whole new level.

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