Two days left

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Minutes were slowly turning into hours. Hours were turning to days. Days were turning to weeks. How long was this going to take? Yeah, he knew it would take a while, but it didn't seem to want to get any closer to him. His birthday was so tantalizingly close, he could almost touch it.

He wasn't able to sleep at all last night. He couldn't stop thinking about his soulmate. What were they like? Were they pretty, or handsome? Would they mind him playing volleyball all the time? What if they played a sport too? If they did, what sport? This went on for hours.

Hinata was trudging up the hill, yawning softly as he tried to break through the haze of exhaustion hanging over him. Maybe he could take a nap after practice, once he wore himself down enough. Maybe he'd let himself get hit in the face and get a nosebleed so he could sit down. He wouldn't normally do it, but he was exhausted for once.

"Is that you, Hinata? Or is this an evil clone?" Kageyama asked as he walked up, noticing the change in the redhead's behavior. "Didn't sleep last night. I'm exhausted." "You actually have an off switch?" "It's less of an off switch, and more of a nearly empty battery situation." "That's a lot of big words for someone with a little mind." "I will kick you in the crotch." "Don't you dare."

Hinata giggled, finding the image of Kageyama writhing on the ground funny. Maybe he should get Tanaka to help him. He seemed to know all the weak spots on a person. Besides, he could call it payback for yesterday.

"Hey, you hear me?" "Did you say something intelligent?" "You little dumbass." "Thank you very much." "That's not a compliment." "Anything can be a compliment if you want it to be! For example, if you say you hate my guts, then you just like the outside better than the inside, which means you think I'm handsome!" "That doesn't make sense." "To you it doesn't. To me it does." "Whatever."

Hinata giggled again, making Kageyama want to smile. Wait, what was he thinking? Hinata was getting his soulmate soon. Kageyama would have one of his own in December. He shouldn't be getting this close. He shouldn't even be feeling this way! They had soulmates, so why was he getting a little giddy over the dumbass who couldn't even receive right?

They walked into the gym, where Tanaka and Noya were setting things up. "What happened to you?" Tanaka asked. "Rough night." "I have an energy drink." "I may just take you up on that, especially if Coach wants us to work on our quick." "Wise choice, my friend! I'll get it now." "I said I might-" "Just go with it, Shoyo. He's made up his mind." "Alright."

Tanaka came back with a can, handing it to Hinata. "Bottoms up!" "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Kageyama asked. "How bad can it be?" Tanaka had no idea what he was getting into. He'd be lucky if he didn't die by tomorrow.

Hinata's energy passed the normal levels. Kageyama could see how badly his eyes were dilated, and could see his hands shaking. "Tanaka, tell me there's some way to reverse this." "Only way is to run his energy out." "Daichi is going to kill us." "I'd run if I were you, Tanaka." Noya chuckled. "I'm about to die, how is that funny?"

"So, who's about to die and why?" Daichi sighed as he came in with Suga. "Tanaka gave Hinata an energy drink because he had trouble sleeping, and this happened." Kageyama gestured to the shaking tangerine, who had somehow managed to climb on top of Tanaka in three seconds, and was now trying to find where his hair went. "Tanaka, you know the rules. We don't give Hinata energy drinks!" "The guy looked half dead!"

"Look, just take Hinata running until he calms down a little. Suga and I will finish getting the gym set up. Now go before Hinata falls and gives himself a concussion." Daichi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Will do! Don't get freaky while we're gone!" Noya smirked at the older two as he and Tanaka left the building, pulling Hinata to the ground and along with them.

Suga blushed, hiding his face in his hand. "Why do they always assume we're having sex the moment they're gone?" "No idea." "I'll be surprised if they don't drill the idea into Hinata's head somehow. They've already taught him how to say fuck." Kageyama walked past, going to get the ball cart. "They what?!" "You didn't know?" "They're cleaning the gym alone today."

Hinata was wearing Tanaka and Noya ragged. It was worse than any game they'd played so far. Hinata was laughing at them most of the time, never standing still for more than three seconds. They only stopped moving because Tanaka and Noya had to stop, completely out of breath. While they caught their breath, Hinata was usually climbing a tree somewhere, or was jogging around them. "Never doing this again." "Only give him half of one next time." Noya gasped. "Not my fault I didn't know he's turn into this!" "For future reference."

Everyone turned around at the gym to see Hinata walking in, with Noya and Tanaka collapsed at the door. "Should I ask?" Asahi sighed. "They gave me an energy drink because I couldn't sleep last night." "That explains it." Tsukki said, waiting for practice to finally start.

Hinata hurried to the court, finding his spot by Kageyama. "Did you have to wear them down that much?" "They have to have a lot of endurance for games." "They do, but I think you killed them. I'm sure they're going to pass out if they play at all." "Oh. I'm sure they'll be fine!"

Now that Hinata had his energy back, the day passed much quicker. Every spike suddenly became more precious. It needed to be perfect, lest he waste it. Every block needed to keep the ball on the other side of the net. There had to be a certain amount of sting in his arms whenever he was forced to receive for him to be satisfied.

"Alright, that's all for today. We've run past again. Get the gym cleaned up, then go home." Coach Ukai yawned. "Tanaka, Noya, you heard him." Daichi called to the duo, who were still on the ground. "Ugh." Noya groaned as he picked himself up from the ground. "Mind telling me why only those two are cleaning?" "They gave Hinata an energy drink, and they know the rules. So, as punishment, they get to clean the gym." "Think being run to the ground isn't enough?" "No, sir, I don't."

"Speaking of him, where is Hinata? Wasn't he just on the court?" Ukai realised an eyebrow. "He's fine. He went about ten feet and stopped to take a nap." Kageyama pointed to the wall, where Hinata was snoring. "Burned out. That's a first. I thought his energy never ended. I'll take him home. Get some rest, and remember we still have practice tomorrow." "You heard him. Go home." "Not us two. And why does Hinata get to sleep?" Tanaka groaned. "Because you amped him up, and now he's exhausted. The sooner you finish, the sooner you sleep." Daichi chuckled, walking out the door. That should teach them.

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