Three days left

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Hinata couldn't wait. It felt like every nerve in his body was alive, tingling and making him feel giddy. He'd waited so long to finally reach this day, and now he was almost there! He could barely keep his hands from shaking most days.

You may be asking, what the hell is he talking about? One, Sugamama or Dadchi would slap you for that language, and two, it was almost Hinata's sixteenth birthday. It was the day he'd find out who his soulmate was. It was the day he would find the person he'd spend his life with.

Hinata had three days until then. Three agonising long days, and then he'd find his other half. It seemed like time was slowing down, taunting him with how close he was. It was as frustrating as Tsukki sometimes. If Hinata could find time, he'd give him red bull just to speed them up. It was too slow.

"Hey, Hinata!" Tanaka called as he ran up to the younger. "Hey, Tanaka! What's up?" "I called you three times! You didn't answer me." "Oh! Sorry about that! Guess I was busy thinking." "About what?" "My birthday's soon. I'm turning sixteen." "Hey, that's soulmate year! Little Hinata's growing up!" Tanaka smiled, pulling Hinata closer and ruffling his hair.

"I'm just nervous." "Don't be! You'll be fine." "Are you sure?" "Who doesn't want a little ball of energy around?" "Tsukki." "We don't count Tsukki. I don't think he's your type." "Probably not. Besides, I think Yamaguchi has a little thing for him." "Maybe they'll end up together!" "I feel bad for whoever gets stuck with him."

"Shoyo!" Noya shouted as he leapt onto Hinata's back, nearly knocking the younger down. "Hey, Noya! Where were you?" "Answering the call of nature. Anyway, what was this I heard about soulmates?" "Little Hinata here is turning sixteen soon." "Ooh, the baby's getting a soulmate." "I'm not a baby." "You're one of the youngest here." "Kageyama is younger." "He is?" "Yes. His birthday is in December." "I always thought he was older."

"Hurry up, you three! We'll be late if you stand around." Suga called to the trio. "Coming!" Hinata called back, walking towards the gym with Noya still on his back. "Remind me how you're smaller than me, but you're still heavier." "You're not much bigger than me, and I can still eat more than you." "Maybe all the thunder doesn't take as much food as you think." "Are you calling me fat?" "No, I'm just saying you eat more than you need to." "You are!" "Ack!" Hinata giggled as Noya lightly hit him upside the head.

Practice was the one thing Hinata wished would last longer. It seemed like all too soon, it was time to clean up and go home. Every spike, every jump filled Hinata with adrenaline, and he loved it. Call him an adrenaline junkie, but he loved feeling that way. The sting that left his palm buzzing was like a shot of heroin, not that he would know what that felt like. He could guess, though.

Hinata and Kageyama couldn't stay late today for some reason, meaning they were forced to go home early. "This is a bummer." Hinata sighed. "Now what do we do?" Kageyama muttered. "We could go to the park." "Too windy today. Besides, you can barely receive inside. Outside would be a nightmare." "Not all of us are perfect." "I know. That's why I'm here, to pick up your slack." "Oh, shut up."

Hinata nudged Kageyama with his shoulder, making him stumble a little. "You're playing with fire." "When don't I?" "Don't kill the tangerine, don't kill the tangerine." "You know you like me, Kageyama." "I'm going to beat you one day." "Keep telling yourself that."

Kageyama pushed Hinata, smirking to himself as Hinata ran back. "That was dirty!" "You did the same thing." "Did not! I nudged you, you pushed me!" "I'm still better." "Get back here!"

Hinata chased Kageyama home, trying to get back at the raven haired boy. If his legs were just a little longer, he'd be able to catch up. Curse his height. "What's wrong? Can't catch up?" "What's wrong? Out of breath?" "We'll see who's out of breath later." "Kageyama!"

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