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It had been six months since Hinata's birthday. Every day was torture for Hinata, as he was constantly surrounded by soulmates and people who got the chance to be happy. The weird sickness had never gone away, and he had to play through the pain. Sometimes there were really bad days, where he couldn't move at all, though he'd never had one on a game day.

Yesterday had been the last day of practice before the break, so Hinata was at home today, and he was miserable. Every muscle in his body ached horribly, and it felt hard to breathe. He couldn't move, because it hurt too much. He'd been in bed all day.

It was four in the afternoon, and Hinata suddenly found it impossible to breathe. Every move his chest made hurt him intensely, not giving him a chance to get any good air. What made it worse was his lungs were getting oxygen hungry, and were starting to hurt as well.

Hinata was trying to gasp for air when his mom came in. "Shoyo!" Hinata was scared. He couldn't breathe, and his mom was there. She didn't have to see this. She shouldn't see her oldest suffocating. His vision was blurring, and words were becoming hard to hear. Was she talking about…popsicles? Hinata wanted a popsicle now.

The last thing he registered was a bunch of blurry colors before he blacked out. He really tried to stay awake, but it hurt too much. He didn't want the pain anymore. He just wanted to get rid of it. He wanted to get rid of the pain in his body, and the pain in his heart. He wanted to get rid of all the pain.

It seemed like only minutes had passed before he was opening his eyes again to a bright, white room. It was cold, and there was some annoying beeping in the background. Where was he? This didn't look like his room.

He could feel something on his face, and realized he couldn't feel any pain. Had it finally gone away? Was he finally past the disease that had tried to control him for months? He really hoped so. He just wanted to be able to live without being in pain.

"Shoyo? Can you hear me?" That was his mom. He nodded, looking around to try and find her. She was sitting to his right, with Natsu in her lap. They both looked concerned. Oh, now he remembered. He must be in the hospital. "W…what time is it?" "It's seven o'clock." "Afternoon?" "Morning. You've been out all night."

She gently took his hand, softly squeezing it. "What…happened?" "You passed out from oxygen deprivation. The doctors gave you morphine, and they want to keep you here until they're sure you're stable." "Oh." "How do you feel now?" "Fine. Just tired." "No pain?" "No pain." Well, not any physical pain. The pain he had right now, nobody could fix. Nobody would ever be able to fix him.

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