I have to save him

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It was December 22. Hinata had been in the hospital for a week, trapped inside his room as the doctors monitored his condition. The most exciting thing he could do was talk to his mom as she went to get Kageyama's birthday present. He could walk to the window, but that was about as far as the doctors allowed him to go.

Nobody but his family had been allowed to visit. They had said something about not wanting to risk spreading the disease, which made no sense to Hinata. He'd been around the team and the others in his year, and nobody had gotten sick. Maybe they didn't want to let him out because he didn't have a soulmate?

Hinata was currently at the window, watching as the snow fell. The IV and oxygen tube followed him around, hanging on something. He didn't know the word for it. He just knew it was heavy, and he hated lugging it around. It was bad enough he was stuck in this tiny room, but the fact that he had to carry something around when he was already weaker than normal was driving him crazy.

Of course, there was one good thing about today. Kageyama was turning sixteen, so he'd be finding his soulmate. Even if Hinata hated the idea of not having his own, he could be happy for Kageyama. Not that Kageyama would know, of course. He was out there, free as a bird. Hinata was jealous.

Well, at least Hinata got to help wrap Kageyama's present. At least he was able to sign the card. At least he could do one thing for Kageyama today. It may not be much, but it was something…right?

Hinata stood at the window as his mom and Natsu walked off, heading to deliver the present to Kageyama's party. The team was throwing it at the gym, and Hinata wanted to be there. He hated being stuck in this hospital. He just wanted to go home, and celebrate with his team. He wanted to celebrate with Kageyama.

Little did he know, Kageyama was feeling the same way. Sure, he liked most of the team, but it just didn't feel right without Hinata there. After all, he was the only person who really understood how Kageyama felt about volleyball. He was the only one who really understood how Kageyama thought.

Tanaka and Noya were being crazy, as always. Somehow they'd gotten the idea to have a competition to see who could drive Daichi crazy the fastest. Tsukki and Yamaguchi were in a corner, which Kageyama was fine with. He wasn't the biggest fan of Tsukki, and Yamaguchi had anxiety problems. Besides, they were soulmates. Suga, Daichi, and Asahi were trying to have fun, hanging out with him unless the two second years were doing something stupid.

"What's up with you? It's your party after all." Noya asked, using Kageyama as a shield from Daichi. "I just wish Hinata could be here." "We all do. I'm sure he would've insisted we play volleyball, though. He can never stop talking about it." "Still. Does anybody know why Hinata is in the hospital at all?" "Something about having breathing problems. That's all I know." Tanaka shrugged, trying to slip a piece of ice down Daichi's shirt.

"That's all anyone seems to know. You'd think he'd have told us by now." "They may not know what's going on yet." "If they don't know, how are they treating him?" "They can go off inferences. Besides, what's the big deal? Your acting like he's your soulmate." "He doesn't have one. Besides, he's my best friend." "Sure, just a friend." "Did someone spike the punch? I think Noya's drunk."

"Coach! Is the punch spiked?" Suga asked. Ukai grabbed a cup and chugged it, licking his lips. "Nope!" "Thanks! Why'd you want to know, Kageyama?" "Noya's talking like he's drunk." "I'm just saying, you two seem awfully close to just 'be friends'." "You and Tanaka seem awfully close to be 'just friends'." "That's because we are besties." "And Hinata is my best friend. Same situation." "But you wouldn't complain if Hinata's name was on your wrist, would you?"

Kageyama didn't answer. "I knew it! You do like him!" "If I didn't like him, I'd have probably killed him already." "You know what I'm talking about." Noya said in a singsong voice, poking Kageyama's cheek. "I will throw you to Daichi." "Please don't."

"So, anything yet?" Asahi asked, sighing as Noya moved to hide behind him. "Not yet. I was born later in the day, so maybe it's just taking its time." "That's what Hinata thought." "I know." "You're aware it might happen to you too?" "Yeah, I am."

Any talk of soulmates disappeared after that. Nobody liked to be reminded of Hinata's loss. Everybody knew how excited he'd been, and they knew how hard it had hit him. They didn't like to talk about it, only to remind the others it might happen to them. It had happened when Tsukki and Yamaguchi had turned sixteen.

Hinata was looking out at the moon, somehow finding Kageyama in it. "Happy birthday, Kageyama. I'm sorry I can't be there." He sighed, trying to blink away the tears. He'd really wanted to be there for Kageyama's birthday. He really tried to make it. He'd talked to the doctor's and nurses, trying to find some way to go. He'd just been told he had to stay there.

His mom and Natsu were at the party, taking his place. He was alone tonight, which…well, he didn't know how to feel about that. On one hand, he wanted to be with Kageyama, and celebrate with him. On the other, he was tired of being reminded of his lack of a soulmate. It was really confusing to him.

Kageyama was sitting on the steps of the gym, looking up in the sky. The stars made him think of Hinata, for some strange reason. His eyes always seemed to light up whenever he was excited. It was just…Kageyama didn't know how to describe it. Maybe Noya was right. Maybe he did like Hinata as more than a friend.

Kageyama looked down at his wrist. There wasn't anything yet, but there was still time. Maybe he wouldn't have a mark, and he could get with Hinata. If they didn't have soulmates, there was nothing keeping them apart. Hinata wouldn't have to suffer alone.

Kageyama winced at the small stabbing pain in his wrist. Dammit. He had someone, didn't he? That had to be his soulmate. He didn't want to look, he wanted to keep his fantasy alive. He wanted to think of a future with Hinata, not some girl he probably didn't know. Just a few more minutes with Hinata, before he became someone else's. He didn't want this to ever end. Why did the universe have to do this to him?

Kageyama finally sighed, working up the courage to look at his wrist. Maybe it was someone he was familiar with. At least it wouldn't be as unbearable then. Besides, it wasn't like he was never going to see Hinata again. Maybe he could get lucky, and there wasn't anything at all.

Kageyama blinked as he read the name, trying to comprehend what he just saw. This wasn't possible…was it? No, it wasn't. How in the world did that work? Maybe he was hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes, trying to see if he was seeing it wrong. Nope, it was there. His soulmate, the one he'd been waiting for, was none other than the little tangerine that had stolen his heart.

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