I'm here now

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It was December 24 now, and Hinata was back home. Kageyama had managed to convince Hinata this wasn't a dream, and had gotten him to sleep again. Of course, Hinata had insisted on holding Kageyama's hand, too scared the black haired boy would disappear. Kageyama didn't mind.

Ever since they found each other as soulmates, Hinata's sick was had gone away. He felt better than he had in months, and everyone could see it. He was smiling more, and his eyes no longer held pain in them. Hinata's eyes...Kageyama could get lost in them for hours. Everything about Hinata made him fall harder for the redhead.

Hinata was no better in that aspect. He was always holding onto Kageyama somehow, be it his hand or riding on his back. Hinata was very scared of losing Kageyama, and had developed a small case of separation anxiety.

Did Kageyama mind? Not at all. In fact, he liked that Hinata was so cuddly. It was easy to just pull him into his lap and cuddle him. Hinata never objected, merely curling into Kageyama's body. They fit perfectly, like puzzle pieces. Just like Kageyama thought they would.

They were currently at Hinata's house, laying on the couch as they watched Christmas movies. Hinata was dozing on Kageyama's chest, breathing so softly Kageyama barely felt it. As long as Hinata was breathing, he was okay. As long as Hinata was alive and happy, Kageyama was happy.

Natsu came into the room, sitting next to Kageyama. "What's up?" Kageyama asked. He was still getting used to Hinata's little sister. She was just as energetic as he'd once been. It was a little unnerving.

"Are you my new brother?" The question took Kageyama by surprise. Was he Natsu's brother? "Um, I'm not sure. Why don't you ask your mom?" "Okay!" She bounced out again, making him sigh. Thank goodness she wasn't asking too many questions. She could go on and on for hours with questions.

Hinata shifted, pressing his nose to Kageyama's neck. The small puffs of breath tickled, making him smile. Well, now he definitely knew Hinata was breathing. He wondered how long he could stay still for.

Natsu bounded back in, sitting in front of Kageyama. "She said not yet. Why aren't you my brother yet?" "Well, we're a little young to get married." "But you're soulmates!" "And soulmates still get married. We're not married yet, so I'm not your brother yet." That sounded weird, but in a good way. To say that one day, he and Hinata would be married...it was too good to be true.

"Natsu, don't bother them. Shoyo is still sleeping." Hinata's mother walked in. "But I wanna know!" "We'll get there in time. Let your brother rest." Hinata was still slightly weak from passing out, and was sleeping more than he usually did. Even if he felt better than he had in a long time, he wasn't at full health.

Natsu and Hinata's mother left the room, leaving the soulmates together. Kageyama smiled, holding Hinata tighter. He liked using the words soulmate and Hinata in the same sentence. Hinata had a soulmate. Hinata was his soulmate. Hinata was happy being his soulmate. It gave Kageyama a warm feeling inside.

Hinata groaned, digging his face further into Kageyama's neck. "Hello, sleeping beauty." "Morning, Milk Man." "Very funny. How do you feel?" "Fine. I'm just a little tired." "The Polar Express comes on in ten minutes." "Wake me up then." "You'll miss making hot chocolate." "Fine."

Kageyama chuckled, slipping out from under the boy and dragging him to his feet. "You didn't have to yank me." "I did. Otherwise, you'd still be asleep." "Very funny." "I know I am." "Your face is." "Hinata!"

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