Today's the day

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Hinata waited all night for his soulmark to appear. He tossed and turned, continuously looking at his left wrist. It should appear by the end of the day, and he really hated waited. He just wanted his soulmate's name already.

Hinata waited all morning, still feeling horrible but ignoring it. Maybe getting his soulmate's name would get rid of this sickness. That's how it was working recently, right? You got the name, you lost the sickness. It was common sense.

Hinata waited all afternoon, getting anxious now. Even though his phone was blowing up with messages from the team, he was too nervous he was going to miss it to look away. He didn't want to miss this.

Hinata waited all night again, hoping with everything in his body that it would show up. Nobody had ever been soulmateless. They always had one. It had to happen at some point, right? He wasn't soulmateless…right?

The clock finally struck twelve. Hinata put his arm down, staring up at the ceiling with tears in his eyes. Of course he wouldn't have a soulmate. Who would ever want to be with him? All he could do was hit a volleyball, and he wasn't even that good at him. No wonder he didn't have a soulmate.

He finally looked over at his phone, deciding to read the team's messages. Maybe they were just seeing if their weak link was okay. After all, a team was only as strong as their weakest player. What if they knew?

He opened his phone to see what felt like hundreds of messages, all asking the same thing. "Hinata, are you okay?" "Oi, Carrot Top, how you feeling?" "Shoyo, are you sure you're okay?" "You good, boke?" Everyone was asking, which made Hinata tear up even more. They actually cared about him?

He held his phone to his chest, letting the tears trickle down his face as he silently sobbed. Everything was just swirling around him, and he was so confused. All he wanted to do right now was cry, was scream to the sky about how unfair this was. He was going to be alone forever, yet the others didn't know. They didn't know he wasn't like them. Would they still want him around?

What did it matter? Right now, he just wanted to cry forever, to let his sorrows bleed into the earth. He wanted to scream, to let everyone know he wasn't like them. He wanted to forget this day ever happened, he wanted to forget that he was forever alone. So he cried and cried, until he had no tears left.

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