Energy Healing

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This is not a vary easy way to heal, it takes a lot of time and strength to do. Out of the eleven years that I have been practicing I can only heal this way a tiny bit.

Energy healing is used to help with pain or healing a spirit, it is useless on open wounds. (I at least have never seen it help open wounds.)

Let's start by learning the basics of energy. (Remember this is NOT easy to do and vary few people get it on the first try but I am here to help.)

Start by finding a calm, quiet place to relax. Close your eyes and empty your mind from everything until you see nothing but darkness and your mind is blank. (I find it easyer to focus one sound, be it a clock, bird etc. until that's all I can hear and then block that one sound out.)

Now draw a white circle slowly in the darkness, take your time and do this until you can finish the circle quickly and with out much thought.

 Drawing an image in your mind (such as the circle) is used for a lot of energy based magick and will be vary helpful when healing.

Now open your eyes, keeping your mind clear, hold your hands close together as if you are holding a ball.

imagine a clear ball in your hands and focus on that ball, now focus your energy on that ball and push it into the ball. (This may take a long time to do, you have to learn how to move your energy on your own.) Keep trying until you can do this with out thinking to much of it.

Remember that this has taken me years to do, and longer to get any kind of skilled control over, so DON'T give up it's worth the hard work!

Now that you can draw the circle and summon the ball with out thinking you are ready to move on. Healing is never easy no matter how many times you have done it before.

When just learning how to heal with energy it is best to try it on some thing easy like a little tingle of pain or the sting of a paper cut. (No I am not saying to cut yourself, don't be stupid. Wait until it happens.)

Hover your hand over the pain (or spirit) and imagine a glow of light from your hand, imagine the warmth of a fire and what it feels like to be with out pain.

Focus on that spot until you (or the person you are using this on) do not feel pain.

Again this will not work right away nor will it happen the vary first time you try, like I said it has taken me eleven years to help with pain and it does not last vary long. I use this to help if some one is in a good deal of pain while I get them to a hospital, and I have no run into a spirit that has needed it yet.

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