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As of late I have been running into people that tell me they are pagan, I began to speak with them only to find out they believed they are gods, THEY ARE NOT GODS. I can not stress this enough, if someone comes to you saying things like they are a god or goddess reborn or whatever, or that they are the only hope for this planet and the human race. GET AWAY FROM THEM!

My last little chat with someone who claimed to be a higher power bring told me that anger, rage, hatred, and blood shed was the only way to "Rid the planet of evil" this is a LIE! Please please PLEASE do not believe the people that say things like this! If they tell you that they are whatever god/dess that they claim to be they need mental help, they are not pagan they are just using that as a shield!

People that claim to be any god/dess. angel, higher power, ANYONE THAT DOES NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE HUMAN. Get away from them ASAP, you are in danger! They need mental help and they may harm you.

I am not talking about people that say they have an animal spirit and they have a lot of things with that animal. I am talking about people that say they are not a human being. No matter how much energy, magick etc. we have WE ARE ALL HUMAN! WE ARE NOT IN ANYWAY A GOD/DESS OR HIGHER BEING!

Please be vary careful with who you talk to! I do not want any of you in danger.

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