Wiccan Guide to Healing

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     Intro To Wiccan Guide to Healing

Let me start off by telling you a little of what I have gone threw to get to this point in my life, I know vary well that not everyone believes in Wicca or even lets it in there home, little do most parents know, there own kids are seeking help and spiritual guidance in this belief.

You are not alone, I started believing in Wicca when I was only nine years old and my parents did not like the fact that I would not be a roman catholic like them. Now I am not saying they are wrong or right in what they believe I am only saying that I do not share there love for a single God. I started seeing spirits at around five or six years old but did not understand that what my parents were calling imaginary friends were in truth spirits looking for help, I do from time to time see moving shadows that do not belong to anything in the room, and I do hear voices, most people will tell you that this is a mental disorder and that you can take meds for such things, but I do not believe that it is. 

I was on meds when I have sixteen for a few months but it did not make the shadows or voices go away, many people looking for ways to make the shadows and voices stop rather then finding out what they are saying or doing. I am here to help you find that out, not everything can be cured by mass amounts of pills, some things are just meant to be there and you are meant to see and hear them just as I am.

Now when I was about nine years old my beloved grandmother passed away, I was vary upset and angry at the gods for taking her, however she was also the reason I now understand that my so called imaginary friends are spirits.

When my grandmother first passed away I had a dream about her, she was sitting on her front porch as she always does but this time no one else could see her, her rocking chair would move but every one else in the dream taught it was only the wind, when I sat down to talk to her everyone else tried to tell me she wasn't there, that I needed to stop and go play, but I wouldn't stop, I needed to know what she had to say to me and I had to understand why she left me. I remember her telling me that she needed my help, that she could not move on to the next life with out the help of the ravens but there were non in the yard waiting for her, I knew I had to find one and I had to find it before I woke up. I ran around the yard looking but I couldn't find a single one, I wasn't sure why I had to find a simple raven but I knew I needed to help my grandmother move on. 

It was not easy to find them but soon enough I had found a flock of ravens sitting on a tree talked to one another, when I asked one of them to help my grandmother move on he nodded and flew to her, when we got there everyone else had left and my grandmother was sitting there with a smile on her face. She was happy, I could tell she was no long in pain and that the raven was going to help her.

The next morning I understood that I needed to help the spirits not just play hide and seek with them, later in another chapter I will explain what a raven had to do with crossing over but for now the point I am trying to make is that I was gifted with a dream, telling me what I needed to do. Not everyone is told what to do in a dream, some are told by doing everyday things such as cleaning there house and finding some thing that they have never seen before, or walking in the park and seeing some thing. Either way we are all given a sign that we are to help in one way or another.

We are not all called to heal, some are asked to  simply  guide spirits, or to teach others. No matter what we are all needed to do something in our lives and we are given the choice to do as we are asked or to ignore the signs. 

As I grew older I learned more ways to help mother earth and the spirits, I learned ways to use my energy to help others and I learned how to use the gifts that mother earth herself gives us to help the many beings that live among us. 

Most people that do not believe in Wicca will tell you that they use "black magic" and are to be shund untill they can be converted, this is far from true, in fact most do not even know how to use black magic nor do they have any reason to learn it. 

What I hope to teach you is the gifts of healing, how to use crystals, herbs, spells, simple rituals, and your own energy for healing and to help other beings.

Most of the things in this book are what I found over the years in books, by talking to people, and from local groups. I will do my best to make it so that even the newest to Wicca can fully understand and learn from this book. 

Now in this book I will be guiding you threw the basics of healing but please try not to skip any parts, I know some of it is long and you think you already know it but please read it anyway, you never know what you may find. 

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