Wiccan Guide  to Healing

Wiccan Guide to Healing

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Wicca is a vary misunderstood religion, I have been Wiccan for most of my life, talking to spirits, using energy to help others and learning how to heal not only the spirit but the body as well. I am going to help you better understand this amazing religion and guide you threw how to help others with out messing with the balance of nature. If you are seeking more info on Wicca, or you just wish to better understand the balance of nature and it's great gifts then I am here to help.  If you have questions please feel free to message me or comment and I will answer ASAP the best I can  Please comment and vote, thank you <3

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ariesxstars ariesxstars Jun 13, 2018
recently, my grandmother passed away. I'm wondering if she's alright, but she hasn't come to visit in any dreams or anything - and I'm not sure if she'd safely crossed, or if she's not doing so well...
Aria_Skies Aria_Skies Mar 28, 2018
You are not alone I used to hear spirits around the age of 5 as well
KendraLynnKrening KendraLynnKrening May 25, 2018
                              ^^^^^ check it out!!!
anonymoususer6969 anonymoususer6969 Feb 13, 2017
I've been interested in Wicca for a long time. Every since I was nine I discovered it and read a lot about it. But I know my parents wouldn't agree with it because they are Christians and think that it is basically worshipping Satan.
Lux_Divone Lux_Divone Jul 26, 2016
I hear that a lot of Wiccans and witches have psychic powers such as, seeing spirits, empaths, talking to the dead, etc but I've never experienced any of those things. :/
ella-lynnjohnson ella-lynnjohnson Dec 24, 2016
I still don't know everything I need to know to start though