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I want everyone to know that I did not make this journey on my own, I had friends that were willing to help me along the way and I still do, I could not over come my fears alone.

Josh was the frist person to show me what it meant to be diffrent, what it was like to be one of the few people willing to open there eyes. He was my vary frist teacher in wicca, he showed me most of the stuff I know today and helped me learn energy healing and how to use it when I really need it. He is a vary dear friend to me and no matter how much we may or may not get along at time, I will not forget his kindness and what he showed me.

Violet is someone I ran into after Josh, she helped me learn how to help spirits and other supernatual beings, she helped me to reach the spirit world a little better and showed me a few ways to use herbs and listen to mather nature.

Geoffrey is a guy that showed me I'm not totally alone no matter how much I think I am, that not only are the gods and goddesses watching over all of us and helping us when we really need them, but that I am not alone on my quest to better understand our world.

Carl showed me that the best part of all is that we were given the gift of life, the best gift that we could ever ask for and no matter how hard it is, we should never give up on the people we love and our beloved mother earth.

John showed me that even the smallest being can help our loving mother earth and us is huge ways, and that we should respect all living beings, for we all have souls, feelings, and hearts.

Kenneth has shown me that we all belive our own things, that no matter what everyone else thinks we should belive, we must stay true to us. He has shown me that there are friends everywhere we just have to get and try, and that no matter who we are or what we do, we will always have loving friends no matter what.

I love my friend dearly and I could not have gotten this far with out them, I have been vary scared for a lot of my life while I was learning the wonderful things my friends had to teach me. But the most important thing that I have ever learned, from all of my friends, is that no matter what, I am who I am, and I should always love myself for being true to me. I am not anyone but me and that is how I should be for the rest of my life.

Thank you, eveyone for being there and teaching me, I am a better person for it and I love all of you for helping me and not giving up on me.

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