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[No Minho- Italics]

[Y/n- Bold]

Hi, Miss L/n, this is No Minho.

How are you?

Hi Minho!

I'm at the airport, heading on a flight to Seoul

Daebak, we could meet in Korea! 

I'm planning to go back tomorrow :)

Sounds like a plan to me

 I'll talk to you later, bye!

Have a safe flight!


Y/n picked up her backpack and slipped on a mask. Coach Jeon shook her hand and patted Y/n on the back.

-Kook is bound to show up, mark my words--


-I told you...well i'm going to let you two say your goodbyes, I'll be off now since I'm sure we'll meet again....mark my words~

He smiled and turned, barely getting hit by Jungkook. He was out of breath from running.

-Y/n! Y/n...Y/n--.....Y/n...

-What? Are you okay? Is--

-Y/n, I like you.

His arms enveloped the girl and they stood there in the middle of the airport, hugging. Jeong Suk looked at them from a distance, shaking his head and smiling.

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