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This is the first story I've uploaded to Wattpad, most defentaly not the first story I've ever written. I want to see if people will read my stories and enjoy them. Since I dont like people reading my writting, it took a lot of courage for me to upload this. So tell me what you think. I'd love your opinions! :))


Chapter One

Harmony's POV

            I creep along the wall of the drug store with my hair sticking up in all sorts of directions. I reach the window, glancing around the alley for anyone, before trying to push it open. The window doesn't budge. Not even an inch. I'm never that lucky. I try to push it open once more, leaning against it and applying body weight, but again it doesn't open. It's locked. I groan to myself.

            Now how am I supposed to get in? I could try and smash it open, but the last thing I need is to add breaking and entering to my list of felonies. Besides, seeing as the unlucky streak I've been stuck in for.....my life began that lovely day in May, I'll probably end up caught and behind bars before the end of the night.

            I press my face against the window, gazing into the store, conjuring up option on how to get inside, in my head.  

"What now?" I murmur to myself.

            I could always try the front door, but that wouldn't be smart. It would ruin my whole plan to steal medical drugs from the drug store without being seen. From what I remember, I'm already facing a couple years in jail. I don't think one more law violation could hurt me much at this point. If I'm going to jail, I want to go out with a bang. I won't be seeing the light of day for a long time after I'm in prison.

            I'm pretty positive I can live in jail. I can't however, survive another beating from Kayla going through withdrawal. Unlike most druggies, instead of shivering and shacking with need, Kayla goes off the deep end.


The last time she went without drugs for two days, she decided to use me as a punching bag, and damn, that girl can throw one hell of a punch.

She hadn't been able to obtain her own drugs. I asked her why once, and she told me it was because she didn't feel like returning to jail. Moreover, she's has already been caught and arrested for possession of drugs, and that was her last strike. If the cops caught her again, she was heading for the slammer for a long time. That led her to form her brilliant plan. She figured she could always send me on her drug runs. After all, I was disposable.

Normally, I wouldn't mind doing the drug runs for Kayla. I'd do anything to keep myself from becoming a punching bag. But now that I'm 18, I have a slight problem with it.

Since I'm 18 now, if I'm caught, I'll be sent to jail. Which is one place I haven't been to before. Well, that and rehab, but I won't be headed their anytime soon. Jail, on the other hand, is likely where I'll end up if this mission fails.

I could do the whole daytime thing. Walk in with a gun, a ski mask hiding my face and threaten to kill anyone who gets in my way. The only problem with that is; I don't have a gun. The closes thing to a gun I have is a water gun. A lot of good that'll do me. I can hear it now "Get out of the way, here comes a thief, get out of the way; he's got a scary water gun, ahhh". They wouldn't even bother calling the cops; they'd think it was some sort of prank. Well, if I was in their position if that ever happened, I'd think it was a prank.

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