Part 26 ; Jimin?!

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"through what Ceo Park said just now, are the three of you struggling to get Mrs.Y/n's love?"

What one of the reporters asked was a shock to four of them. "Well, what Ceo Park meant was not what you were expecting. We are very uncomfortable when it comes to personal matters like this" Said Y/n to reporters who were interviewing them.

"So what does Ceo Park really mean?"Ask one of the reporters again. "About that, I don't think the media should know about it." Taehyung said suddenly as he took several steps to approach three of them. Jungkook and Jimin gave Taehyung a sharp look after he approached three of them.

Jay.P Group, Jimin's Office

"This article has been the focus of many on social media today until it can affect Jeon's Group's recent pretensions, Ceo Park" Said Mr.Oh to Jimin after he handed Ipad to Jimin and smirk after he reads the headline of the article. "Why does this article seem so interesting to me? Refer articles are shocking to people around"

"Lisa is pregnant with Ceo Jeon's child but Ceo Jeon still insists on denying it??" Jimin said as he read the headline of the article and suddenly burst into a fit of laughter as he recalled the frustration and loss of the company that Jungkook is experiencing now.

"You know what I'm thinking right now? This is an opportunity for me to find Y/n very easily." said Jimin as he had a very elaborate plan he would make to get Y/n back. "Mr. Oh, I want you to have a special table for me at the club tonight and you don't have to drive me tonight"

"Sure, Ceo Park." Said Mr.Oh as he bow to Jimin before he left Jimin's office. After his company's personal assistant left his office, Jimin began making a call to someone he hired for a very high sum of money. "I want you to provide women's clothes and stuff in my house at Gangnam right now, I'll bring her home tonight" Said Jimin as he smirking.

"And I don't want you to forget what I told you to do a few days ago. So, I want you to do it tonight."

Jeon's Group Company

"Useless Son!!!! You disgraced all the descendants of Jeon's family with your disgusting act !!! Now, everyone is looking down on Jeon's family!!" Mr.Jeon's voice filled every room in Jungkook's office after he gave him a slap. "Before, you didn't want to have children with your legal wife but now you would rather have an illegitimate child with your mistress?! What kind of guy are you?!!"

"Do you realize that all of our companies are going through a lot of losses after you and your mistress have made headlines in articles and news?!" Mr.Jeon grabbed Jungkook's shirt collar roughly. Mr.Jeon just wants to beat his own son in this fancy office until he's satisfied. Where does he want to cover his shame for his disgusting son's actions?!

"Dad, I would never do such a thing! I've been trapped by that insane woman!" Mr.Jeon is ready to raise his hand to slap Jungkook's face for the second time after he hears his son's ridiculous reason. "Useless son!!!!!!!!" PANGGGGG!

"Isn't that woman who had a secret relationship with you when you were married to Y/n a year ago?! But you still insist on denying it again?" Jungkook was so shocked that his father slapped his face for the second time until he could no longer say a word to his father.

"Starting today, I want you to fix all the major losses of every company you have now in just one week. If you fail within the timeframe, I want you to write me a resignation letter. And not only that, you are no longer Jeon's family!! I'm so regret for raising you all this time!!"

After his father left his office, Jungkook immediately called someone to investigate Lisa. "I want you to find that useless woman and bring her to me!!" Jungkook is very angry because he's accused of doing such a thing. He is certain that he has never done anything like this to Lisa.

"She doesn't know who I really am. I will make sure that Lisa will feel tortured with my own hands later and I will not let you go as long as you live in this world." He vows not to let Lisa go so easily as long as she still lives in this world. "I want you to investigate carefully who hired Lisa to destroy my life like this, Find that mastermind!!"

Expensive Bar, Cheongdam - Dong

"I have done what I told you to do and I want to pay now" Taehyung smirking after hearing the words of a woman that he hired for a very high sum of money. "Hahaha, your job is not done yet and I won't pay you what you promised before as long as you haven't done what I want, understand?"

"Yahhh, Kim Taehyung!! I've ruined all the images of his company as you wish but you don't want me to pay you what we promised you before." That woman yelled at Taehyung. "Yes, I will pay you as we promised before but your job is not done yet."

"Do you want me to reveal who is behind this matter to Jungkook?" Taehyung laughed evilly when he heard the threat from the woman but the direct threat did not affect him in the least. "If you reveal who is behind this, I will fight Jungkook but you? You may never again trace this land"

"So, what else do you want me to do with Jungkook?" Taehyung smirking after hearing the words of the woman he hired. "Good question, I want you to do what I tell you this time at Jimin." said Taehyung before he took the luxury wine glass he had ordered. "If you fail to do what I tell you to do this time, I will make sure that your descendants will never again walk on this land forever. Do you understand what I mean?"

"So, don't try to test my anger. If you dare, you will be my first victim"

Expensive Bar, Cheongdam-Dong, 8 : 45pm

"Jimin, your proposal to me was something I could not have anticipated." Said Y/n to Jimin to start their conversation. "I understand what you've been through all this time and I'm sorry to let you go just like that a few years ago but it wasn't my intention to let you go, Y/n."

"I don't think I'm ready to remarry now, Jimin." Y/n said in a slightly different tone to Jimin. He was only able to give Y/n a smile even though she was slightly hurt by hearing Y/n's words. "It's okay, Y / n. I'll give you some room to think about this decision."

his eyes were on the wine glasses that Yuna held before Y/n drank the wine. If Y/n drinks the wine, all her plans will go well as planned. "Ehm, Jimin. I think it's better to go home now because I have a sudden headache. Maybe it's because I worked so hard in the afternoon. I'm sorry"

Jimin tries to hide his smirk at Y/n after it starts to affect Y/n now. "Okay, I'll send you home now" Y/n tried to get up before she took a few steps to get out of the bar but her gaze suddenly turned dark with a blink of an eye. Jimin quickly grabbed Yuna who almost fell. "I'm sorry, Y/n. But this is the only way I can get you back as mine."

However, without anyone realizing it. Taehyung watched every Jimin gesture toward Y/n from the beginning from a distance far from them. "Where did Jimin want to take Y/n? What does Jimin want to do on Y/n?"

 "Where did Jimin want to take Y/n? What does Jimin want to do on Y/n?"

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"I really wonder about that now"

To Be Continued...

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