A Gift From A Goddess!

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<<<<From Last Time>>>>

F/n was seen standing in front of a young and beautiful Goddess, his face red and slightly burning.

F/n:Wh-Who are you?

Epphion:My name is Epphion, the Goddess of Power. And I must say...thank you, F/n.

F/n:Thanks? For what?

Epphion:You have freed me from my prison inside that crystal. It was awful being imprisoned for over a thousand years.

F/n:Over a thousand!?

Epphion got down from the tree and walked over to him, looking at him face-to-face due to being exactly his own height.

Epphion:Correct, but you were the one who saved me from it. For that, I am very grateful towards you and will grant you one wish.


Epphion:Yes. I can grant you anything you want. Power, riches, love, anything.

F/n:*Dear Lord, is this for real? I free a Goddess and I can have anything I want!? This must be a dream!* I-Is this some sort of dream.

Epphion:*giggles* It most certainly isn't. It is pure reality. Go on. Make your wish.

F/n put his finger to chin and tried to think of what he wanted. The possibities were endless yet he could only have one wish, so he had to make it count.

F/n:Shit, what do I want?

Epphion:Go on and take your time. I've got all night.

F/n went back to trying to find out what I want, but then gotten an idea.

F/n:Ooh, I've got it.

Epphion:What is it?

F/n took out a small book with a lock on it, used his key to unlock, and showed it to her, flipping the pages every couple seconds.

F/n:These right here are swords I had drawn myself. They're like the Excalibur swords that I have heard off from my...tormentors, but they're more powerful tenfold. Plus, they can combine based on different actions.

Epphion:Really creative of you, F/n. I like that. Okay, then. I'll make your swords real for you.

Epphion raised her wooden staff and a bright light came again. When it died down, the nine swords were seen in front of F/n on the grass.


F/n kneeled down and inspected each sword with extreme awe. When he lifted some of them up...they felt rather light.

F/n:Whoa, lighter than I expected. Still a little heavy though.

Epphion:Don't worry. Soon enough, you'll get used to holding them in your very hands. And for easier transportation for now...

Epphion then created a sheath that was able to hold all nine swords in.

Epphion:Just a little side note though:only the creator gets to wield such weapons.

F/n looked confused, but then got what she meant. F/n then kneeled in front of her.

F/n:Thank you, dear goddess. You truly have been a blessing.

Epphion:*giggles* No problem, F/n. Just to make things clear...power doesn't come from a Semblance, Quirk, Sacred Gear, or Chakra. It comes...from training. Until we meet again...goodbye.

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