Chapter 2

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It took days for Harry to calm down after the whole lack of contact fiasco and the hearing. He'd been grumbling for days, and then Mrs Weasley had walked into the bedroom this morning and declared that they had an hour to get ready and on the way to King's Cross, and so they'd better sort their problems out.

They sorted their problems out.

Lupus informed them on the way to the station that Dumbledore had mentioned two new students in their year. Transfers from America, Dumbledore has said. Harry glanced at Hermione, who, as expected, looked confused and annoyed. "But Mr Lupin, Hogwarts has never had a transfer programme?"

"All Dumbledore said was that their Headmaster is a good friend of his, and that the boys have been through a lot, and needed a change of scenery." Lupin shrugged. "You'll have to speak to the new students to find out anything else."


They found the two new students hovering in Kings cross between platforms nine and ten, one shorter, with dark hair and eyes, and olive skin. Even from where Harry stood, he could tell the guy had muscle, and there was something about him that said do not fuck with me. The other guy was taller, blond, and really tanned. They seemed to be arguing, and as they got closer Harry could make out what they were saying.

"What if she's just told us the wrong place?" The shorter one demanded, arms crossed. "It would be absolutely just like her to tell us to come to a platform that doesn't exist so that when we inevitably have to get to Hogwarts in some other weird way, she can laugh at us for our incompetence."

"Neeks, your dad told us pretty much everything, and he was there when she told us everything else, and since your dad is trying to make up for everything, there's no way he would've let her mislead us."

Neeks leant against blondie. "I guess." He smiled ruefully. "Just wouldn't be the first time they've messed us about."

"Excuse me." Hermione cut in. "Did you say you were trying to find a platform?" She glanced at their trunks. "Platform nine and three quarters?"

Blondie grinned at her, the room seeming to light up. "Yes exactly, I don't suppose you know where it is, do you?"

Hermione nodded. "Follow us."


They made it on to the train and the two boys followed them to a compartment. "Do you mind if we sit with you?"

Hermione and Ron glanced at Harry. "Actually we have to go to the prefect's compartment. I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind sitting with you?" Hermione raised an eyebrow.

Harry deflated. "Yeah of course."

Blondie smiled. "Thanks. I'm Will Solace, this is my boyfriend, Nico Di Angelo. We're from Delphi Academy in New York."

"Boyfriend?" Harry looked between the two of them. Could they get any more different?

"Yeah." Nico snapped. "Got a problem with that?"

Harry's eyes widened. "No no of course not. You're just.. very different?"

Will laughed. "Nah. Neeks is a little softie really. He just likes to look tough." Harry doubted that. Nico looked like he'd fight anyone, anywhere, anytime, and win. Just from sheer attitude alone.

As if to prove Will's point, though, Nico sat in the corner of the compartment, and pulled a tiny black kitten out of his pocket. "Tesoro have you got the bottle we got for him?"


By the time Hermione and Ron found them, Harry had done away with all suspicions. Will and Nico were absolutely adorable, and funny as well. Will regaled him with tales of Nico being an absolute disaster, such as the time he'd introduced Will to his dad and step mum, and accidentally broke a wall. Eventually, Nico took over, sharing stories about Will's flirting. "Yeah, one of our very first conversations involved the fact that he'd covered himself in black to camouflage, in daylight, but left his ridiculously bright hair untouched, and within that very conversation, he grabbed my hands and said, I just delivered a baby, I'm still shaking." Nico was still cackling, propped against Will when Ron and Hermione burst in, looking pretty pissed off.

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