Chapter 5

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You, Wanda, Pietro, and Clint wait in a grey van for Steve to show up. You were beginning to get bored as you asked, "So, who's this guy again?" Clint shrugged, "His name's Scott Lang, ever heard of that one dude, Ant Man?"

"Ant Man? What his power? Following a line?" You joked. Wanda and Pietro laughed and looked back at the sleeping man in the back, then back up to you as he said, "Looks about right, but no."

You both share a laugh and Clint said, "No powers. A suit."

"Like Stark?" Wanda asked. You shrugged and looked over at Clint. He shrugged back and said, "He can shrink, he can grow." You slowly began to smile as you laughed, "You expect me not to make a joke with that?"

Wanda placed a hand over her eyes as she laughed, "Y/N, must you make those jokes?" You nodded and bent over, placing a kiss to the hand on her face, "I must." Pietro laughed with you and a blue, battered, old car drove up.

The giant of a man, Steve, got out of the tiny car, reminding you of a herd of clowns getting out of a small car. You and the twins got out of the car, Clint following after. "Cap." Clint greeted. You wave to Steve and he nodded over to you with a smile.

He told Clint, "You know I wouldn't have called if I had any other choice." Clint replied with a shrug, " Hey man, you're doing me a favor. Besides, I owe a debt." He looked back at you and the twins as he said that.

"Thanks for having my back." Steve said to you and the twins. You nodded and Wanda answered, "It was time to get off our asses."

Sam soon got out of the battered car, Bucky getting out on the other side and staying next to the car, not saying anything.

Sam waved at you and you gave a little salute. "Hey, Samantha." He rolled his eyes and answered, "Sup, Hothead." You laughed and told him, "Surely you can be more creative than that."

He laughed and motioned toward the twins in acknowledgement. Steve motioned with his head toward the van you all just got out of, "How about our other recruit?"

Clint walked toward the van and opened the door as he said, "He's rarin' to go. Had to put a little coffee in him, but...he should be good."

Scott jumped up from his sleep as Clint slammed the van door open. He looked around as he woke up. He got out of the van, looking at Clint as he sleepily asked, "What timezone is this?"

He stopped next to Clint as he looked at him. "Come on." Clint muttered. When Scott didn't move, he shoved him a little as he repeated, "Come on."

Scott looked at you and the twins before seeing Steve. Scott shook Steve's hand with an amazed look plastered on his face.

"Captain America." He said in disbelief. Steve greeted, "Mr. Lang." He continued to shake Steve's hand as he said, "It's an honor. I'm shaking your hand too long." He let go of Steve's hand after that.

You leaned over to Wanda and Pietro as you mumbled, "He's adorable." Scott continued to marvel over Steve, "Wow! This is awesome! Captain America." He looked over to you three at the last part and said, "I know you guys, too. You're great!"

You laughed quietly and Wanda smiled, Pietro rolling his eyes playfully. Steve glanced back at Sam and Bucky in confusion. Scott turned back around and began feeling Steve's shoulders, "Jeez. Ah, look, I wanna say, I know you know a lot of super people, so . . . thinks for thanking of me."

Steve gave a half smile as he tried not to laugh. Scott looked past Steve to see Sam as he greeted, "Hey, man!"

Sam nodded as he greeted, "What's up, Tic Tac?" Scott awkwardly said, "Uh, good to see you. Look, what happened last time when I-"

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