Chapter 8

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As you were taken to the Raft, a prison under the water. Meant for criminals.

You'd never thought you'd be considered one. You had saved the world and they thank you by shutting you in a cell and throwing away the key.

As they tried to put you in a straight jacket, similar to the one you'd seen in your vision, you had tried to fight it.

Wanda gave you a sad look as she watched you squirm your way out of the straight jacket. As they put her in her own, you sighed softly to yourself and kept a tear from falling from your eyes.

You stopped and allowed the guards to put you in the jacket. You couldn't get you and Wanda out of there. And if Wanda was going to suffer, so were you.

You would rather die than she suffer alone.

As they led you to the large room where the cells were, you felt something in the pit of your stomach.

Wanda didn't say a word, Pietro didn't either. They were both silent as they were locked in their cells.

When you were placed in your cell, the cell locked shut, you looked around it. You felt like a caged animal. This didn't work for you.

You sat down on the bed and looked out through the bars that were in front of you. You looked over to Pietro, who had started pacing his cell. In no time, he'd be racing around it.

You saw Wanda as she slid down the wall, sitting on the floor. She looked at you, watching you as you stared back.

You mouthed to her, 'I'm sorry.'

She stated back for a moment before she nodded very slightly, almost too little to see.

'I love you.' You mouthed again.

She gave a weak smile and just looked away, the smile instantly replaced with a blank expression.

Suddenly, the temperature in your cell dropped. You looked around curiously, wondering why it was getting so cold.

At first, it was okay, the temperature warm enough that you didn't mind too much, but it got worse. You could see your breath as you exhaled.

This wasn't good.

The guards thought that if the temperature in your cell was lowered, the chances of you being able to use your powers were low as well.

And they were right.

But it could also kill you if it got cold enough, or if it was cold for too long.

You swallowed and laid your head against the wall, doing your best to keep whatever body heat you could to yourself.


Suddenly, the doors to the room opened. You weakly turned your head, the temperature in your cell so cold that your movements were slow and small.

When you see Tony, you lift your head a little before laying it back on the wall.

Clint began to clap loudly, drawing attention to himself. He announced, "The Futurist, gentlemen! The Futurist is here! He sees all! He knows what's best for you, whether your like it or not."

You let out a small chuckle, followed by a slight cough from the dryness off your throat. Tony began to talk to Clint, telling him, "Give me a break, Barton. I had no idea they'll put you here. Come on."

Clint spat to the ground and told him, "Yeah, well, you knew they'd put us somewhere, Tony."

"Yeah, but not some super-max floating ocean pokey. You know, this place is for maniacs. This is a place for-"

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