Chapter 1

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"Suit up. We got a mission." Was all Steve said as he knocked on the open door of your shared room with Wanda.

You both nodded and paused the TV as you both got up and went to your closet, pulling your suits out and suiting up as Steve said.

Since the battle against Ultron, you're suit has upgraded, to something so much better. Your new suit had black leather leggings with a thin, bold red top and jacket that was bullet and fire resistant.

Pietro's new suit was also bullet resistant and kept his shoes from wearing away too quickly from the speed he ran. He had the same signature blue color on the suit with white lightning bolts decorating the suit.

Wanda's suit was a different red from yours but it looked just as good as yours. It was a long red trench coat with the same colored leather bottoms. She looked amazing in them.

You both suited up and in no time, Pietro came running to your door. "Come on, slowpokes." He teased, running down the hall. You scoffed and said, "Come on, he's getting impatient."

You all made your way to Steve for the briefing. Steve told you all the plan quickly and you all took off.


You and Wanda find a table to sit in, sticking your earpieces in and ordering. Wanda got a tea and you got (favorite drink).

Natasha sat at a table a little away from you both with Pietro. Soon, Steve asked, "Alright, what do you see?"

Wanda started as she added sugar to her cup, "Standard beat cops. Small station."

You added as you took a sip, "Quiet place. Good target."

"There's an ATM in the south corner, which means..." Steve said.

Pietro piped up, "Cameras."

"Both cross streets are one way." said Steve.

"So, compromised escape routes." Wanda spoke.

"Means our guy doesn't care about being seen, he isn't afraid to make a mess on the way out. You see that Range Rover halfway up the block?"

"Yeah, the red one?" Wanda asked. "It's cute." You finished. She smiled at you, "It is."

Natasha spoke finally, "It's also bulletproof, which means private security, which means more guns, which means more headaches for somebody. Probably us."

"You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?" Wanda asked.

You added, "And you also know I'm used to headaches, right?"

Just as you said that one hit you. "Speaking of which, something's coming through." You touched a finger to your temple and rubbed it slightly to get it done with.

Steve spoke, "Well make sure it happens faster than game time."

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill." You responded.

Natasha said, "Looking over your shoulder needs to become second nature."

Sam commented, "Anybody ever tell you you're a little paranoid?" You chuckled.

Natasha responded, "Not to my face. Why? Did you hear something?"

Steve reminded you all, "Eyes on target, folks. This is the best lead we've had on Rumlow in six months. I don't want to lose him."

Sam spoke, "If he sees us coming that won't be a problem. He kind of hates us."

"Got it." You said as your headache subsided and your vision hit you.

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