Chapter 9

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You didn't know how long you'd been locked up, and it's not like you could tell. You've been stuck in a cell with no sunlight for a while. It was started to get to you.

You sat against the wall of your cell, your head lying against the wall with your eyes closed. You took in a deep breath.

Sam, in the cell next to yours, stood up quickly. You didn't think anything of it at first so you kept your eyes closed.

Suddenly, Clint did as well, along with Scott. You shook your head and pressed your eyelids together.

"What's going on?" You mumbled. Scott mumbled back to you, his voice heavy with disbelief, "You might wanna see it for yourself."

You huffed, not moving a muscle, until you heard Wanda speak, "Y/N."

You opened your eyes to look at her then, but your eyes caught someone else instead.

You stared at the Captain as he stood there. "Steve..." You said, your breath suddenly gone.

You got to your feet as quickly as you could with your arms stuck in a straight jacket like this. When you stood, you spoke, "You're here."

"I'm not leaving my team behind, Y/N. I said we'd do this together, and I meant it." He said.

You smiled and he began to get everyone out of their cells with the key card he'd snatched. He quickly got you and Wanda out of the jackets. You hugged him quickly, before running to Wanda.

You hugged her tightly and whispered, "I'm so sorry."

She shook her head, "You don't need to be sorry for anything, Y/N. This wasn't you."

You smiled and Steve said, "Okay, let's go."

You all followed him out of the room.

After a few kicks and punches, you'd all reached the Quinjet. As you all began to board the jet, agents behind you began to shoot.

Wanda used her magic, holding them off as you all boarded the jet. You and Wanda quickly shuffled onto the jet and it took off.

As you got away, you sighed, setting your back against the wall and holding Wanda's hand. Pietro rushed to your side and smirked.

"We made it." He said.

You nodded and grabbed his hand then. "Yes, we did."


A month after, you and the twins were able to find a place to lay low. The rest of the team did the same, though Scott and Clint missed their families.

They found their ways back to them, but they were placed on house arrest in return.

Pietro wandered around the house a lot, he seemed a little quieter than usual. You didn't have to wonder why.

Wanda was getting a little concerned. "Do you think we could find a way to get Irina here?" You asked.

Wanda shrugged, "It's risky. I am not sure if it would go well."

You sighed, "We have to try."

Wanda took a look at her brother standing at the kitchen table, staring blankly at the counter.

She nodded, "We'll find a way."

You nodded and the first person you called was Steve.

"Hey, Steve. I know that the chances are kind of low, but do you think we could get Irina here? Pietro's not looking so good." You spoke through the phone.

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