Chapter 7

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You and Wanda were running and Vision spotted both of you. As he flew toward you both, you turned, stood your ground and said, "You go, Wanda. I'll hold him off."

"No, I'm not leaving you." She said running back to you. You lit up your arms and said, "Go, I got this."

"We do this together, Y/N." She told you. You sighed and nodded as she stood next to you. As Vision got closer, you threw flames at him, careful not to exert yourself too quickly. Vision dodged them and Wanda used her magic to slow him down with shields.

You looked to her, "Special move?"

She nodded and you stood behind her, lighting your hands and getting ready to attack. Wanda rose her hands in the air, the red wisps dancing around them. She held her hands out in front of her, creating a shield that covered you both.

You threw flames at the shield and helped push it out towards Vision. When it got moving, the speed picked up and, once it met Vision, he was sent flying away from the impact. "That should keep him away for a little bit, but we gotta move." You told her.

She nodded and you both ran, Pietro catching up. "You guys are slow."

You slapped his arm as you both kept running. Wanda commented, "Yes, well, brother, not all of us can run at the speed of light."

He scoffed, "I wish." You shared a brief laugh and Steve spoke, "We gotta draw out the flyers. I'll take Vision. You get to the jet."

You asked, "Can I take Vision. I'd be totally fine with it." Wanda gave you a look and you shrugged.

"No, you get to the jet!" Sam said, "The rest of us aren't getting out of here."

Clint spoke, "As much as I hate to admit it, if we're gonna win this one, some of us might have to lose it."

"This isn't the real fight, Steve." Sam told him.

"Alright, Sam, what's the play?" Steve said.

"We need a diversion, something big." He responded.

You spoke, "Fire. I got big fire. Let's go."

"No, Y/N. As much as we know that'll work, you'll exert yourself too much." Steve said, making you pout.

"I got something kind of big, but I can't hold it very long. On my signal, run like hell. And if I tear myself in half...don't come back for me." Scott said through the comm.

You furrowed your brow. You spoke at the same time as Bucky and asked, "He's gonna tear himself in half?"

Steve asked, "You're sure about this, Scott?"

'I do it all the time. I mean a lab. Then I passed out." He said, before mumbling to himself, "I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the BOSS!"

After a few moments, Scott grew into a towering giant and grabbed War Machine's leg. You yelled, seeing this and almost tripping, "Holy shit!"

"I guess that's the signal." Steve said.

Scott sent War Machine flying and Peter caught him with a web. Scott kicked a bus towards T'Challa. Vision descended and braced himself, splitting the bus in two and protecting T'Challa from harm. T'Challa then spotted Steve and Bucky sprinting past.

You sighed and braced yourself as you ran toward them. "What are you doing?" Wanda asked. You told her, "Saving our captain from a grown man in a catsuit."

Scott blocked T'Challa's path just as you got up next to him.

You both stood, watching T'Challa. "You wanna get to them..." Scott started.

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