What is happening?

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Namjoon and I had been walking around all day to many different land marks and various stores. The way Namjoon had spent money is almost suspicious. He seemed very reserved yet open.

Finally dinner was rolling around and we decided to eat at a pizzeria. It was quite an old building. The once orange walls were fading. Paintings of fruit are framed above each booth. Lightbulbs dangled from the ceiling which actually made the pizzeria look better. A giant brick oven can be seen right when we walk through the door. We choose to sit in a rather dimly lit booth close to the kitchen. A rather tall divider blocks our vision of the other booths in our row but the tables to the sides are still visible. The seats are red and white checkered and the table tops are white granite. A large man, with black hair slicked back densely with gel, walks over to our table.

"Buonasera, Vuole iniziare ad ordinare da bere(good evening, would you like to order some drinks to start with)?"
"Sí, Un momento, per favore(yes, one moment, please)." I replied
"He asked what would we like to drink," I told Namjoon.
"Oh um then wine, please."
"Lo prendo il vino rosso, per favore(I'll have red wine, please)." I tell the waiter.
"Cosa desidera ordinare(would you like to order)?"
"Non ancora, grazie(not yet, thank you)." I respond politely.
The waiter smiles, nods his head then walks back towards the kitchen.

"You're fluent in Italian?" Namjoon remarks.
"I have been living in Italy for about a year now, so I see it beneficial to learn the native language, plus as an extra bonus more places will want to hire you if you speak more than one language," I retort.
"You are a very smart person."
"I am a fast learner," I remarked and played off with a gentle smile.

After our wine arrives we eventually order food. Throughout the evening Namjoon and I got to know each other more. I learned that Namjoon likes to write music, and he owns his own business. He had spoken of all his travels around the world, but what caught my attention most was how passionate he was towards all of his interests.

Although we had already finished eating we continued talking. I suggested that I pay, but he kept insisting that he pay, because I had taken him on a tour and this was his payment. He also offered to walk me home, it was a nice offer but one I was quick to deny.

"Are you sure you don't want me to walk with you, my hotel isn't that far from your house," he commented.
"No it's really fine, I always walk by myself so I'm su-" I hesitated. Did I hear that correctly. How would he know that my house isn't far away from his hotel?? Getting an eerie feeling I tried to play it off clueless.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Um- yeah, I just remembered something I have to do before I go home, so you can just head to your hotel," I said with a convincing tone.
"Oh um, alright then maybe I'll see you around," he smiled brightly then walked down the road.

I waited till I couldn't see him anymore to continue in the other direction. I don't know why, even after spending a marvelous evening with him, I am suspicious of him. Luckily it was only a ten minute walk to my house from the pizzeria.

Once again I open the front door and I am greeted with the repulsive odor of cheap booze. Only this time...there was no alcohol bottles anywhere in sight. I continued walking into the living room and there it was. My father, sober while reading. The light was on and so was the lamp on the right side of my father's chair. If there was anything worse then my drunk father, it was my sober father. See, when he's drunk he mostly just cries and throws stuff, but bloody hell, when he is sober he is worse and is actually aware of it.

"You're home late," he remarks not looking up from his book.
"I was out looking for a job.." I reply shyly.
"About time."
That's it...? I thought.
"I'm gonna go to bed." I said ever so quietly while turning away slowly.
"You do know that I know you're lying right?" Here it comes.
"How much money did you spend while "job searching"?"
"I didn't buy anything other than a small breakfast." I stated.
"Y/N, I know you did not wake up this morning and stay out all night without buying anything, but a small ass breakfast. Now let me ask again. How much goddamn money did you spend?!"
"I'm telling you straight, I didn't buy anything else! If you really wanna know, I met this guy, and he bought me dinner, happy-"
*SMACK* he slapped me.
"You better drop that fucking attitude! Who the fuck do you think you are?! What did you do to get the man to buy you dinner huh? Listen here you little shit," he grabs my face with one hand, and I let out a cry of pain. "Next time you go hoeing around get a job not food," he throws me the the floor and my head hits the corner of the arch wall.

I hiss in pain as I can already feel the itch of blood tickling town the back of my head. I catch my balance as I try to stand, and I book it upstairs to my room. I slam the door and lock it behind me as fast as I can. Once I lock it I can hear a shout from down the stairs.

"Slam that door in my house one more time and I'll beat the shit out of you!"

I walk into the bathroom trembling as tears are rushing down my face. I almost forgot the open wound on the back of my head as I place myself on the bathroom counter. I run the warm water and grab the hand towel off the hook on the wall. I wet the towel and slowly place it to the wound. A shiver runs through my body once contact between the towel and the back of my head is made.

A sense of calmness spread through my body as I slightly lean against the bathroom mirror. I washed off all the blood then I took a shower, brushed my teeth then climbed into bed. I turn on my radio to play some music quietly while I sleep.

A deep sleep overcomes me. I wake but don't open my eyes as I can hear my door opening. My heart is racing fast, but I'm too afraid to move. I hear the footsteps of at least two or three people. Now I'm more scared as ever as they approach my bed, but to my surprise they stop at the side of my bed. I can feel someone sit on my bed rather close to my waist. A soft hand strokes my cheek gently and a male voice speaks.

"Such a beautiful girl, you've been through so much already," he whispers gently.

Than another male voice calls from where I believe my door is.
"Hey, you already know she's off limits; now hurry up, the boss wants her before sunrise."
The man removes his hand away from my face and I can feel him getting up. Just then I feel someone picking me up like a baby. My heart is racing again. Am I being kidnapped?
Oh my gosh are they gonna kill me?? Who the hell is their boss, and what does he want with me??

I'm so invested into this😂. Anyways I hope you're enjoying the book so far. Sooner or later I'm gonna keep going back and re-reading each page for grammatical errors(and there's a lot) so please don't try to the correct them ill get to them eventually😂

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