Car ride/new environment

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It's been almost an hour. I haven't slept, but I still lay soundless on Jimin's chest. I can hear the constant beating of his heart, and I can feel his chest rise and fall with every breath. He stroked my hair and back. Although I had the strong urge to fall sleep, I fought the urge in case something happens. Since I still have my arms wrapped around Jimin's neck, every now and then I would lightly stroke the back of jimin's neck and graze his hair with my fingers. Whenever I would do this a low hum would escape his lips. His hair is light brown, and it's really soft, it's almost like touching a puppy.

"You're still awake?" He spoke quietly breaking the peaceful silence.
"I've just been kidnapped and you expect me to fall asleep just like that," I replied harshly, but truthfully. Jimin breathed in a heavy breath as if trying to calm himself down.
"You know, I wanna say that I'm sorry, but I'm really not. I've been thinking about it, and after watching what has been happening to you for so long it actually feels good to finally do something about it. You may think that I am wrong, but in another perspective, I saved you," he said confidently.
I sat up in a quick moment, but still on Jimin.
"You? Save me? You did not save me. You think because you killed my father that all my problems are solved just like that," I snapped my fingers, "well guess what, he was all I had left. I get it that he is an abusive piece of shit this past year, but he wasnt always like that. How do you think I feel knowing the man who had raised and once cared for me is gone, not only that but he was given the same fate as my mother. I don't expect you to understand, but I do expect you, as a human fucking being, to show a little sympathy." My eyes began to water, but by the look on his face nothing I have said seemed to phase him.

"If you're not going to sleep then I am, and don't try anything funny. We'll arrive at our destination in about three hours, so if you're smart, you'd get some sleep because you have a long day ahead of you." This man has some serious issues. He tucked his right arm under his head and let his left hand lay flat on his chest. When he lifted his right arm up his black satin dress shirt had risen above his waist ever so slightly, and gave view to part of a much larger tattoo.

Once he closed his eyes I attempt to get off of him but than he grabs my forearm and says, "wait,"
"Don't move, you're really warm," he said giving a slight smirk.
"You're unbelievable," I replied with a snarl, then I tried to get off of him again and succeeded. I move to the seat behind the passenger seat and curl into a little ball because it was a little cold and I wasn't wearing anything warm. It takes awhile to fall asleep, but I finally do.

~3 1/2 hours later~

I wake to the feeling of someone touching my hair. I open my eyes but I can't see anything. As I adjust to what I'm laying on I can tell I'm in a bed layered with silk sheets.
I can hear a soft voice speaking that I can faintly recognize.

"Go back to sleep y/n, it's been a long day and we have much to do when you wake, so for now go back to sleep.."

The voice is so calming, I want to get up and move, but I feel as though a heavy weight is pulling me down and forcing me to drift back into a deep sleep.

"" I attempt to speak before I completely black out.
"Trust me.. you will come to know me sooner than you think my precious," a puff of smoke escaped his mouth and I breathed it in. I feel so tired, so drained. He leaned close to my face to where I could feel his warm breath on my ear, "now sleep," and just as he spoke those words I was out like a light.

~next day~

I wake up but refuse to open my eyes just yet. I feel as though I am at home in my bed, but I fear when I open my eyes this feeling of comfort will be gone.

There is a knock at a door which brings me back to reality. I sit up, but cringe at the dense amount of sunlight pouring in from a large window. I look around the room and its almost like I'm in a fairy tail. The walls are blue with gold floral patterns. The bed has velvet red laced curtains hanging from the ceiling. The ceiling has the most beautiful chandelier hanging from it and the ceiling is covered from left to right with a renaissance style painting. There's a glass table with two crystal chairs on either side sitting by a bay window. The bay window has a stained glass Angel. Everything is so elegant and beautiful I almost can't look away, but another knock at the door has taken away my attention.

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