The Encounter

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It's cold and dark. The moon cowered behind the clouds yet still, it's light beamed through. I walked home from where my graduation was held. My father never showed up. For that I'm actually kinda glad. He's a drunk and he smokes, and it doesn't get any better when he's sober. Not something I'd particularly want everyone to know.

As I walk back home I feel eyes on me. But this road usually always has at least one person walking down it so I'm not too concerned, but I just feel something off. A feeling I can't describe, but I just shake is off briskly. I near the corner and decide to buy some snacks at the gas station. Might as well before I have to scoff up money for father. I leave the gas station and continue my walk back home while munching on a zebra cake. The rain has started but not heavy enough to force me to open my umbrella. I begin to feel nervous again as if I was being watched. I use my phone as a mirror to see behind me, but no one is there. Strange.

After a few more minutes I walk up the driveway to the hell hole I call home. It wasn't always bad. After mother was murdered nothing was the same. I know it's sounds like something in a movie, but this shit does happen. One change can effect the rest of your life. I unlock the front door and the moment it opens a blast of winds smacks my face. My senses are confronted with the strong scent of alcohol and cigarettes. You would think I would get used to this scent but it's always too much. I walk into the kitchen and grab a cold water out of the refrigerator. I can hear snoring from the other room. I come to a hault and I grow suspicious. I walk into the living room and see father holding his head low in his hand and his elbows rest on his knees. He wakes upon me entering the room.

"I missed it didn't I?" He asked rather calmly not bothering to look up.
"It's fine. You didn't miss much I left after walking off the stage." I replied trying not to make him feel any worse.
"It's not FINE. I'm sorry...I-I'm so sorry.." he began to cry
"Dad it's oka-."
"No it's not!" He yelled standing up and forcefully throwing his beer bottle at the wall.
"I'm a terrible father.. I'm a terrible husband I couldn't even protect her. I couldn't even SAVE HER!" He was sobbing dramatically now. If I didn't leave the room now eventually things would get violent.

I walked up the stairs past the kitchen to my room. I locked the door then turned my back to the door. I walked over to my bathroom and got ready for bed. I just changed into grey sweats and a cropped tank. I brush my teeth, light a candle and get into my bed.

As I lay restless I can't help but feel that I'm not alone. The feeling keeps growing until I open my eyes and sit up in a cold sweat. I look around at my surrounding and I see a man, about 6ft, in the corner of my room. I thought I was seeing things so I ran quickly to turn the light on. I flipped the switch then turned back to the corner where the man once was, but only now...there is nothing. I really had been seeing things. I laid back in bed with hopes of sleeping. I woke the next morning. Usually I would get ready for school but since I've now graduated I don't know what to do. Instead I dress casual enough to go to the Italian/American cafe. Which is basically a place where the staff speaks English and Italian.

The cafe has a very modern style with a very open space for sitting and lots of natural light. The giant windows made the cafe appear larger than it's actual size. The moment you open the door the smell of rose water and ivy greets you along with the strong scent of coffee beans. I walk up to the counter and order an iced vanilla latte. The dark haired man takes my card and swipes it then hands it back to me after folding it into my receipt. I take it, then walk farther along the counter and wait patiently for my drink to be made while I enjoy the scenery of the cafe. Plants dangle from the ceiling and a single white rose sits in a small, clear, vase on the black quartz countertop. There's a couple sitting at a table closest to the window and a blond man sits right in the middle watching a movie on an iPad that is propped up on a wooden table. It's rather quiet with the exception of the instrumental classical music being played throughout the cafe. Just as I regain focus back to where my drink will be the ringing of a bell can be heard throughout the cafe.

"Bongeurno, welcome to Street Stop cafe!" A woman call out from behind the counter.

I turn back and catch a glimpse of 7 young men, possibly in their middle 20's, all dressed in formal clothes such as tuxedos and black satin dress shirts. I turn back and as I do my drink is set on the counter.

"Thank you."

I give the employee a nod then I turn and walk towards the exit. I look to my right and about four of the seven men are gazing at me. I proceed to the door and break the eye contact. As the door opens someone catches my right forearm. I turn quickly to meet eyes with this person. His face is somewhat close and I can't help but admire his features.

"May I help you?" I speak up.
"I think you're quite visually pleasing and I'd like to ask for your number perhaps." The man had already let go of my arm and then he grabbed his phone from his side pocket and extended it towards me.

"I'm sorry, but I have a boyfriend," I lied. He looked at me as if he knew I was lying then proceeded to put his phone back in his pocket.
"Well never mind than, my apologies ma'am." His shoulders relaxed and then he bit the inside of his cheeks.
"Ciao," I replied then I left the building.

I felt strange after that encounter, almost like I had seen him before. I spent the rest of my day wondering around shops picking up job applications every here and there. I then make one last stop at an art museum.

The museum is very grand with gold and white everywhere. The giant ceilings made room for extravagant paintings and tall sculptures. I walk towards the ballroom which showcases paintings and artifacts from wars fought by gods and mortals. The floor it granite with gold lining. There are pillars two stories tall that stand in rows like a field of corn only much farther apart. Speaking any words will result in a vast echo, that is why it is my favorite exhibit. Sounds turn into ripples that can't be seen. The room is fairly loud because of the large quantity of people roaming about. I sense a presence behind as I stare at a sword incased in glass. I move to the left so the person behind me can view the sword as well.

"So we meet again."

I turn to look at whomever is speaking and to my surprise it is the man from the cafe.

"It must be fate," he laughs. "Do you like art?" He asks anticipating an answer.
"I like other things more, but yes I do like art." I reply.
"Intriguing." He smiles and looks down. "I don't believe I caught your name from the cafe."
"That is because I never told you." I then look up at him. He seems to have been looking at me the whole time.
"I am Kim Namjoon."
"Well Kim Namjoon, my name is Y/N."
"You can just call me Namjoon."
"You want me to call you by your last name?" I questioned.
"Well-," he smiled and looked down, "where I come from we say our last name first."
"Fascinating. So where do you come from Mr. Kim?"
"South Korea," he answered.
"Wow. Then what are you doing all the way over here?"
"Italy just so happens to be a popular tourist destination. What about you, what are you doing in Italy?"
"My father moved us here after my mother had passed in the states. He couldn't handle being in the country my mother died in so he moved us to where my mother was born."
"That seems like a lot to process."
"Well it was. Anyways I think I'll be taking my leave now I have things I need to do before I go home." I said
"May I walk with you? It is my first day in Italy and you seem to know where you're going."
"Only if you'll buy me food as payment." He laughed in response.

Ight so I'll be updating this everyday or every other day because I have a lot of time because of this whole quarantine canceling everything. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm learning Italian so I that's what inspired me to make the setting in Italy. Grazie davvero per la tua disponibilità

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