Chapter 2

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Luna's pov


"You did not make Lucifer send me to fucking earth" a voice yelled

I blinked a few times, feeling my body come back to consciousness, my eyes met Taylor's, she stood between the door frame, her arms crossed and a pissed look on her face

"Good morning to you too" I smirked

"Oh don't give me that!"

"But it'll be fun to have a room for ourselves, no one to interrupt" I smiled, the lines in her forehead pinched together. She got even more pissed, it's kinda cute. I sighed before speaking once again

"Listen, I didn't ask my father to send you with me, I guess it's an order but if you really don't want to come then I'll talk to him" I mumbled, her face relaxed and her hands fell to her side

"It's not that I don't want to come along, it's just, I prefer to be here. But if you'd really like me to, I'll be there with you" she smiled before taking a seat on the edge of the bed

I leaned my back against the headboard. The covers slid down to my stomach revealing my bra

"Miss Amo- Excuse me" James corrected before bowing his head to avoid the view. I couldn't imagine how this must look right now

"I swear it's not what it looks like" I chuckled

"No need to explain yourself ma'am"

"Is there something you need?" I asked

"Yes, Your father has summoned you to his quarters, I assume this is for the arrangement of today" he says before leaving

"Shit, I haven't packed" I hissed

"I'll do it, go talk to Lucifer, I'll meet you there" Taylor smiles before walking over to my closet

I nodded and threw a shirt on before making my way to my father's office

Finally, I'll be out of this place, hell is all fun and games until you realize it's forever

I walked down the long hallway, my fingers ran over the red walls, I'll miss this place

I stood in front the door, it was 10 times the size of I was. Two guards pushed the door open, I gave a small nod before entering

"Luna! Good morning" Lucifer greeted cheerfully

"Good morning father" I smiled taking a seat on the desk

"How are you feeling about today?"

"Excited, nervous, all the fucking butterflies"

"it's great that you're passionate about something" he smiled

"I've arranged for you, James and Taylor to stay in a mansion near Dracula's, you'll be closer to Dani and you'll have some close friends of mine to go to in case of anything" he says, my jaw hung. Was this really happening?

Nah, somebody slap me with titties-

"Thank you so much" I smile "You have no idea how special this is"

"Anything for you my daughter, but I do have to warn you"

"What's that?"

"Your powers. Please don't abuse it" he says, I could tell he was serious

"I trust you, but it never hurts to make sure you understand that it's important to not abuse your powers on the mortals" he says

"I promise I won't" I assured, I placed a hand on his and gave a small squeeze, he smiled

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