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Chapter 3

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Noel's Point Of View

After coming home, Aunt Cathy scolded me and to never to that again. I rolled my eyes and walked past her and into my room. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I got into bed, not even bothering about going to sleep.


It's quiet around in this house. Aunt Cathy went to volleyball practice since she's the head coach for the high school. I used to play volleyball until I dropped out of high school because I struggled and I was too depressed to concentrate. I always forgot to turn my homework in and I got horrible grades on tests.

I looked out the window. The sun is shining. I wish it never shines. It reminds me of happiness and I don't like that. I don't want to be happy. Happiness isn't an option now that Landon isn't here.

Even looking at the sun, it reminds me of Landon. He used to always say he loved the sun. I loved the moon. But, I don't like the moon. It reminds me of him.

Wasting my time in bed, I decided to just go outside. I changed into a blue flannel, jeans, and boots. I brushed my brunette hair and put on some mascara and eyeliner.

I walked out the door and started walking down the street. It's around noon, so people in this neighborhood is still at school. So, it's quiet and I'm quite enjoying it. These people annoy me and there's not a absolute reason, it's just that I'm not familiar with them, and I never will.

Looking around, there's big house and small houses. Aunt Cathy told me it's quite a rich area. I lived in a rich area back in Arizona.

I remember I used to be so alive. I had tons of friends. I used to be known as the class clown, the smart girl. That's when Landon was here. Now, that he's gone, I'm so dead. I'm still alive, but feel so dead.

I bumped into a body. I looked up and met with blue eyes. It's the boy I had a staring moment with. "Sorry."

He shook his head. "No, it's okay. I was on my phone, so I wasn't really paying attention."

I rolled my eyes. I walked past him. I hear footsteps and he walks next to me. "What do you want?"

He laughed. "I just wanted to talk to you. I'm Luke, by the way."


"Oh, sweet name. I didn't really introduce myself when you were at Ashton's that day."


"Yeah, you don't talk much. Do you?"

"No, leave me alone."

He stopped walking and I walked away faster. I looked back and he was gone.


I walked into the house. I smell food coming from the kitchen. I'm guessing Aunt Cathy is making lunch. I walked into the kitchen and she shut the oven door and set a pan on the stove.

"Are you hungry? I making some chicken and rice."

I nodded my head and walked back into the living room. "Noel, lunch is ready!"

I stood up and walked into the kitchen. She sets a plate of seasoned chicken and rice. I started eating. The doorbell rings. Aunt Cathy left the room to answer. "Hello, Lauren!"

Oh, great.

"Noel is actually eating right now. So, do you want to come eat with us? Well, come on in!"

Why can't I eat alone?

Lauren walks in and she waves at me. I waved back a little. Aunt Cathy makes her a plate of chicken and rice. We ate in silence. Aunt Cathy left the room after we're done.

"I need some advice," Lauren said to me. "There's this girl, she's bullying me and taunting me. And I've tried everything to make her stop. She won't and I just don't know what to do."

I been in those situations numerous times. "I haven't been in that kind of situation before."

Her face dropped. "Oh. I guess I better be going. I'll see you some other time. Bye, Noel."

I watched as she walked away with her head down. I had this weird feeling in my chest that I'm not familiar with. As the door shut, the room is surrounded with nothing, but silence.



Noel's outfit on the side. And no, that's not what she looks like.

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